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  1. Thanks @Sebkinne, that makes sense. Turns out I was having a brain-dead moment - trying to deauth clients and associate them with PineAP when they were connected to an encrypted SSID - which of course won't work. Derp.
  2. Then I supposed the question is - what else could be running wlan1mon even after supposedly shutting down PineAP and with no Recon running. Just tried it again, and I can reproduce: STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Factory Reset Recon (15 seconds) EXPECTED BEHAVIOR: Recon fires up, which uses wlan1mon, the red led starts blinking, and then shuts down, the red led stops blinking. ACTUAL BEHAVIOR: Recon fires up, which uses wlan1mon, the red led starts blinking, and never stops.
  3. "Neither Recon nor PineAP will maintain settings/values on page load."
  4. Factory reset and the blinking red led went away until I ran my first recon - and then it's back and won't shut off. Neither Recon nor PineAP will not maintain settings/values on page load. PineAP seems to be broadcasting SSIDs even though I've unchecked that option - and the SSIDs it's broadcasting are no longer in the list.
  5. I just noticed the red led is blinking steadily - even though I've disabled PineAP, am not Recon'ing - I've basically disabled everything except the Management AP.
  6. Happy day today - just unboxed my Tetra and got it setup and ran through the "From Recon to PineAP" tutorial. Frowny-face - deauth fails every time. I've tried resetting to factory. I can discover clients, and put their MAC addresses in the filter, add an SSID to PineAP and configured the PineAP daemon per the instructions - and then run deauth in both the Recon page, and via the SiteSurvey module. When I setup the PineAP to "Capture SSIDs to Pool" it does so, and I can subsequently see those SSIDs as available APs in my test devices (Laptop x 2, Phone x 3, Desktop x 1).
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