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  1. The USB Rubber Ducky is just a keyboard. So, can someone steal your password if they can type on the computer?
  2. kdodge

    USB HDMI Input

    So, back in the day, there were "Video Capture Cards" for like desktop computers, that would provide TV inputs into the computer. I'm talking about old old old ISA slots, but i don't know if they still make those now for like USB or not, if they do it should be HDMI compatible. Good luck man!
  3. If you didn't look to see if the data on the iPhone was deleted, it's quite possible some was still there after the factory reset. I would contact your lawyer and the police and give them the name of the person you sold your iPhone to, so they can add it to the police report. To me it seems like they should be looked into.
  4. there is one thing I would recommend you try, just to try and see if its a hardware or software problem. Load Kali/Parrot/Linux on a liveusb and boot up to that and try to use the wifi adapter outside of VirtualBox. VirtualBox's usb doesn't always work as expected, and if it works easily with the liveusb then it's probably a problem with VirtualBox. It's a rather easy step to try when troubleshooting.
  5. I kinda curious, go visit a whole bunch of x rated sites and see if he says anything 😀 You also have the option of getting your own VPN service, then it doesn't matter.
  6. This firmware is very similar to Ducky_HID firmware, except I removed the inject.bin part of it, and in it's place I added a pseudo-random number generator, to randomly generate keystrokes. This might be useful when testing keyloggers (and trying to find them) by generating a benchmark for the system using false data. I tried to disable most keys that are problematical (no ctrl or alt or windows keys), but I can't guarantee it won't generate some key pattern that is bad for your system so use at your own risk. (tested it a little bit and seems fine so far) The compiled .hex file is located in RandomStrokes_Ducky/RandomStrokes_Ducky/Release/duck.hex https://github.com/slacker69/RandomStrokes_Ducky Enjoy!
  7. kdodge


    Do you have a USB Ducky, and something to monitor network traffic with (like a PACKET SQUIRREL or a WIFI PINEAPPLE, etc)?
  8. Take a look at # apt-get install b43-fwcutter it 'might' help you fix it
  9. Just so you know, I'm totally spit-balling here, but you might be able to rig something like this up: https://www.amazon.com/IOGEAR-3-Slot-Reader-Writer-GFR3C13/dp/B01K1JWEFI/ref=sxin_4_osp18-2d5b10ab_cov it's a card reader that has a short usb cable, you would need to open the case on this device and cut out most of the insides of the card reader, while leaving the port on the front of the reader intact so you can still place the sd card into it (but it won't be functional at all). Then solder the 4 USB wires from inside the reader to the leads on the USB Rubber Ducky (tm). So when the unsuspecting victim tries to use the reader, which he thinks has not been tampered, it will just connect up the rubber ducky instead. From the amazon photo it looks big enough to contain the USB Rubber Ducky but you should look closer at the dimensions and measure well before you start buying things. It would be a great if they sold other containers for the ducky that yo could just plug the ducky into to make it look like something else, just like different plastic housings and such. It would save a lot of time for people on the job I think.
  10. you might be able to rig up a microSD Card Reader to be a USB ducky. But i believe an SD card is not USB compatible by itself
  11. Have you tried to contact the Tor dev's themselves? They are very knowledgeable about how the Tor system works and probably will be able to tell you directly what you are looking for, or can direct you to a PDF of an RFC or something https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailan/listinfo/tor-dev
  12. Looks like url/base64 encoded data: $ php -r 'echo urldecode("ZaQJEMf5JdvcWEOleKoXo4ljK0hv5rauvinj9qfPFH9gkEPA9vOw7Jqtkzj1SWuX6Q8ZeGvPfoGqFZipnXALeUtU8QLJQ513NMFAEVrNG2z3xZ48ksSy%2BKsEFCn6UJps8tZrNOrMiMKF%2FNofAzkyepiHCjV5CTN9PZ%2BV54b86ugEh9hPoGwPMgxFJJ8naz5uHr%2BHog6zUm4qfvxfrhgiuz17g%2BMO07eqsGuJ");' | base64 -d | hexdump -C -v 00000000 65 a4 09 10 c7 f9 25 db dc 58 43 a5 78 aa 17 a3 |e.....%..XC.x...| 00000010 89 63 2b 48 6f e6 b6 ae be 29 e3 f6 a7 cf 14 7f |.c+Ho....)......| 00000020 60 90 43 c0 f6 f3 b0 ec 9a ad 93 38 f5 49 6b 97 |`.C........8.Ik.| 00000030 e9 0f 19 78 6b cf 7e 81 aa 15 98 a9 9d 70 0b 79 |...xk.~......p.y| 00000040 4b 54 f1 02 c9 43 9d 77 34 c1 40 11 5a cd 1b 6c |KT...C.w4.@.Z..l| 00000050 f7 c5 9e 3c 92 c4 b2 f8 ab 04 14 29 fa 50 9a 6c |...<.......).P.l| 00000060 f2 d6 6b 34 ea cc 88 c2 85 fc da 1f 03 39 32 7a |..k4.........92z| 00000070 98 87 0a 35 79 09 33 7d 3d 9f 95 e7 86 fc ea e8 |...5y.3}=.......| 00000080 04 87 d8 4f a0 6c 0f 32 0c 45 24 9f 27 6b 3e 6e |...O.l.2.E$.'k>n| 00000090 1e bf 87 a2 0e b3 52 6e 2a 7e fc 5f ae 18 22 bb |......Rn*~._..".| 000000a0 3d 7b 83 e3 0e d3 b7 aa b0 6b 89 |={.......k.| 000000ab Might be a start anyway
  13. I don't think virtualbox will work, unless the phone is running x86 architecture, cause virtualbox is x86 only.
  14. You might try QEMU, they have the ability to emulate arm and you can assign a file as the devices HD, theres lots of options so you will need to look up a tutorial how to get it working for you. QEMU is in the linux repos
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