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  1. Are you using an HID+Mass Storage firmware on the ducky?
  2. Strange quacking behaviour. Bug?

    just thought about a temporary fix you could try until the real fix comes: LED SETUP ATTACKMODE HID DUCKY_LANG no Q STRING ipconfig all > f:\loot\test.doc Q ENTER Q STRING ipconfig all > f:\loot\test.tx Q STRING t Q ENTER LED G 100 it's worth a try anyway
  3. VMWare Help

    an FYI, for debian-like OSs, the packages gcc-X-multilib are the ones that let you compile 32-bit programs on a 64-bit system. I had that problem a few months ago.
  4. Strange quacking behaviour. Bug?

    Try 2 more things if you will: 1. remove the line with the .doc in it completely and the next Q ENTER, see if it prints anything. 2. try adding a delay after the first Q ENTER and before the ipconfig second line
  5. Strange quacking behaviour. Bug?

    Can you try it again but reverse the order? LED SETUP ATTACKMODE HID DUCKY_LANG no Q STRING ipconfig all > f:\loot\test.txt Q ENTER Q STRING ipconfig all > f:\loot\test.doc Q ENTER LED G 100
  6. Insib.vbs

    Line: 1 Char: 14 the first 14 characters are: CreateObject(" So I'm guessing at the double quote. If you follow what haze said you'll get it working.
  7. idk why it cut off my message: the command background will return you. and you can get more commands with the help command
  8. a little how to: https://www.offensive-security.com/metasploit-unleashed/meterpreter-basics/ you can join session 1 by sessions -i 1 and get back to the original prompt by
  9. Insib.vbs

    or 3. you copied the invis.vbs from a web page using copy/paste ;) I think I've seen this one before, the "invalid character" error usually is an indicator that the web page/browser converted 1 ore more ascii characters into unicode and it is mucking things up. if you look at the file using a hex-editor you should find the bad character. Maybe try opening up in wordpad and resaving it?
  10. Chances of Full Screen View

    Stop downloading so much p0rn :)
  11. USB Rubber Ducky Firmware Documentation

    I think duck_v2.1.hex is the most current "standard" version of the ducky's firmware, which allows vid/pid swapping easily, but is just an HID keyboard (no mass storage) I believe that all of the "c_duck_*" are HID+MassStorage, if I'm not mistaken. The rest I'm not so sure, the best bet would be to look through the source code just to be sure.
  12. 15 Second Mr. Robot Hack question

    It could be a bug, you might try contacting the author. One other thing I can think of, are you running an AV? the description says "...Without rights to access lsass process..." so an antivirus program might just be blocking access to that process, even if you have admin rights. I kinda sounds like something is anyway.
  13. VPN

    It's a little sketchy that someone with only 2 posts in this forum is recommending that you visit some random site. I'm not clicking on that
  14. 15 Second Mr. Robot Hack question

    so, from the Minikatz github site: https://github.com/gentilkiwi/mimikatz/wiki/module-~-sekurlsa Without rights to access lsass process, all commands will fail with an error like this: ERROR kuhl_m_sekurlsa_acquireLSA ; Handle on memory (0x00000005) (except when working with a minidump). Are you sure your running it as Administrator?
  15. Ducky NirCMD bin file creation

    I'm not that familiar with nircmd, but could you post the errors that you are getting? Someone might be able to spot what is going on with that information.