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  1. I've been writing a cheat for some time now, and it's getting pretty boring playing by myself. If you want to play, hit me up on steam! http://steamcommunity.com/id/safazi/ (P.S. the game is free, so why not try it out?) SAFAZI?
  2. safazi

    Nano and SD card

    Could this work for a USB thumb drive? doesnt seem to work after my first test.
  3. http://imgur.com/a/WI1js is this correct? and to be sure, br-lan is the right device to use, so it can use my wifi connection through the ethernet?
  4. i am connected using the wp6.sh sharing script. clients can access the pineapple panel
  5. Hello! My pineapple can connect to the internet just fine and download modules, but clients of the pineapple cannot get internet connections. Is there a problem with my network settings? My settings: http://imgur.com/a/o45J6 Thanks! Safazi