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  1. Update: I used scp to update the device to the latest firmware. It seems to be working so far however I am only able to download one module at a time if I try more than one it fails to download. I follow the tutorial Darren posted on another forum: 1. Download the latest UPDATE file from https://downloads.lanturtle.com/ 2. Verify that the MD5 checksums match 3. Manually SCP the file to the LAN Turtle in /tmp (ex: scp turtle-2.bin root@ 4. From the LAN Turtle, exit shell to the bash prompt and issue: sysupgrade -n /tmp/turtle-2.bin 5. Wait about 5 minutes for the LAN Turtle to flash the firmware and reboot When you SSH back in keep in mind the password resets back to the default "sh3llz" (and is required to be changed)
  2. Looks like it worked! Thanks for your help! Should include this in the forum sticky for the turtle. CHEERS!
  3. Yeah I can ping google.com and it resolves. It just doesn't seem to be able to reach any of the lan turtle related sites. Wierd. Also when I run check for updates it says "wget : https://www.hak5.org/gear/lan-turtle " then it says no update found"
  4. Same here, it says "no modules available." I've tried a clean install and I restored it to factory settings but no luck so far.
  5. Hi, Had the Turtle working for about a week. Came back to it a month later and now I cant update modules or do anything really. I get an IP address after I factory restored it. However it still says "no modules available" and when I try to update it says "wget: not an http or ftp url www.hak5.org/gear/lan-turtle" . Not sure if it's a different url now I have to point too? I'm probably missing a simple step somewhere but any direction would be appreciated thanks!
  6. I'm new to the pineapple and have had no problem using it in my office. However when i use it at home I cannot get it to share the internet connection. I've attached a screen shot of the result i get, it say unidentified network and I cannot load bulletins or capture tcp handshake using site survey. Thanks in advance for your help.
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