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  1. I managed to get this to work just fine, I tested with the default code provided and I saw files and folder structure being copied across, a little confused however at the fact I see people posting it has an 8gb storage yet mine only says 1.99gb when I plug it in with arming mode or with a payload set to storage.
  2. I too saw that same site post BeNe mentioned and after a couple of hours of fiddling with my nano today and a few modifications here and there to the instructions provided, I finally managed to get it working with my Android phone connected to a battery powered pineapple nano. Had no problem finding and loading the kismet_client to see the activity and confirm it was finding and saving the data, just gotta extract it from the device and create the kml files as he described and see if it all worked as it should have and logged the gps correctly. I was interested in his comment about maybe showing us how to make it into a module of some kind but I searched his site and could not see any future posts about that. If anyone out there knows how to convert all of this into an easy to configure wardriving module that would be of great benefit to the community. I may look into it myself but my skills in that area are none existent to be honest, so probably not going to get very far. For anyone having trouble with the tutorial provided at this link BeNe posted about finding, drop me a message and I can try and help, I had to do a few tweaks to his run_wardrive.sh script and create a folder on the nano for logs to be stored, to get my stuff to work and I also had a heck of a time connecting to my pineapple via ssh over the tether and ended up having to also connect via wifi before the ssh app would let me in and being as the nano already had a wlan1mon already set up in monitor mode and ready to go I removed all his code for setting up wlan1 in monitor mode and replaced all references of wlan1 for wlan1mon and that got all that working. Charging all my batteries right now but once done I may add the full .sh script I used to finally get everything working along with what of his I followed and what I modified slightly. Thanks again to hak5 for an awesome product and to all you out there who post and contribute to helping create such wonderful code and modules and tutorials, that allow us less well versed in code to make the most use out of these tools. Now, to go get ready an take a drive around my neighborhood and find all the stupid people still using wep, or god forbid no encryption at all, and educate them on their stupidity.
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