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  1. squish

    Install Tools

    I got it to move the files but it didn't complete. I just ran the python setup script from the console and now everything is working. Thanks for the help!
  2. I feel really stupid for asking this but how do I install the tools? Do I copy the repo to the bunny and run from /media/root/BashBunny/payloads/library/tools_installer or do I run it from a clone copy of the repo or do I run it from the serial console? When I tried to run it from /media it wouldn't let me (I tried to chmod +x but it still wouldn't run). When I tried to run it from the cloned console it wouldn't run (gave me the message find: ‘/root/udisk/payloads/’: No such file or directory). I can't find the directory in the serial console. Thanks for the help, Tim
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