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  1. I had this problem and there was an update to Recon (1.2) this seemed to fix my problem with the Deauth.
  2. Just upgraded my Recon to 1.2 and was able to deauth my iPhone! Thanks @esadako !!!!
  3. So I downgraded to 1.0.6 and noticed a few things.My Recon seemed to perform a lot better I was picking up more clients connected to AP's. (I know this as I have upgraded back to 1.1.1.) I upgraded back to 1.1.1 because the software would lock up completely in 1.0.6 & no clients were connecting So I am back to 1.1.1 where I cannot get any clients to deauth and connect can anyone help me out? I have followed Darrens Wifi Pineapple Primer and try the same on my network but I cant get any clients to connect to my NANO.
  4. Good to hear it not just me. I am on 1.1.1 and cannot get any clients to connect or deauth. I have had also had the search hang at 100% on occasion also. I am considering downgrading to a previous version. @rrlocksmith what version were you previously on?
  5. Hi All, I have just started setting up my WiFi Pineapple Nano that I recently purchased. I have upgraded the firmware to 1.1.1 and just started to test the capabilities on my home network. I followed the video WiFi Pineapple Primer - From Recon to PineAP by Darren and i get past all the steps (internet connection, filters etc) when I get to the Deauth option nothing seems to happen. I have tried multiple devices (iPhones, iPads, PC's, MacBooks) I have not managed to deauth one device. I have tried different setups from Kali, Android & Windows to see if I can get something to budge but
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