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  1. Tried that multiple times, restarting after each time. dmesg says this in the relevant part upon startup:
  2. Spoke too soon. Only the 128 MB card worked - the 32 GB one is seen in fdisk, but doesn't seem to be detected in the web interface.
  3. I was right, I was missing something. I wasn't pushing it in quite far enough. It works fine now.
  4. This might be a stupid question, but I want to make sure I'm not missing something very obvious. When I insert a microSD card into the Wifi Pineapple Nano, I stop when I get to the point that a spring is pushing it back out. Doing so results in the Pineapple not seeing the microSD card (I've tried two different ones). It doesn't show in fdisk -l, or in the Resources page under Advanced in the web interface. I have tried using the web interface to format the card and then restart multiple times - still nothing. Thoughts?
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