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  1. Huh I never knew linux had built in command line tools for this express purpose. Well I suppose that makes the program a little useless in terms of practical use with the tools already available. It was a good brain stretch thinking about how I would have to handle the data and do this all myself in C++. I was at work the whole time thinking how I would disassemble the files to more manageable sized "chunks" and having separate methods to de-dup and organize the output depending on user choices. Sounds like I really was trying to reinvent the wheel lol. Still, there is always pride to be had in writing all the code yourself and going through the process :P
  2. I just looked up external merge sort and I think that might be perfect. I database sounds interesting but I want this to be a simple tool I can redistribute and keep it simple for users!
  3. It does not have to be I would just prefer it be in A programming language. I also thought about python but I knew more C++. Although either one I would see myself having the same issues outlined in the original post.
  4. Hey there! I am trying to write my own application for merging and organizing wordlists. The problem I am having is thinking of the best way to filter through all the candidates to remove duplicates, organize them, etc. Im going through it and I have to be able to open pretty big word lists already in existence (anywhere from 1gb to 5gb PER FILE). I also am not sure how I would compare say candidate number 555740 against all the previous options without going back through each possible option for comparison. I thought maybe organize the results I have into separate temp .txt files that are alphabetical but I could see the same result with huge lists. Any advice on where I should go with these problems?
  5. So this is definitely me not knowing nearly enough about networking but when i scan a live host on my lab network with Nmap (Using Metasploitable as the OS as a VM) i get a list of services and the ports they run on as you would expect. However if i perform a scan using my ISP provided IPV6 IP address i simply get the port 111 and rpcbind. So all im trying to confirm is, i wont actually be able to get a list of services and ports for a particular host until im in the network, correct? Scanning the ISP IP is basically just scanning my router isn't it?
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