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  1. Alright, so I purchased rubber ducky a few weeks ago. Since I received the package I been trying simple payloads but it never works for me. Part of the problems is that every time I plug in the USB, the target machine (Windows10 or Windows7 no security software) behaves as if I'm pressing ctrl+alt+del. If I don't touch anything and lets says they are a couple of tab keystrokes on the payload. I can see the machine tabbing through the ctrl+alt+del screen menu. Which leads me to believe the USB is recognized and somewhat functioning. But it doesn't matter what I use for the first line of the payload. It can be GUI r or Controls Escape the behavior is always the same. REM open cmd DELAY 3000 GUI r DELAY 300 STRING cmd DELAY 100 ENTER
  2. I been having problems and still unable to do a hello word payload. As soon as I insert the USB on any windows 10 machine. The computer automatically simulates ctrl + alt + del then it continues with the script. For example, if there any keystrokes for tab I will notice them. What seems to not be work for me is the GUI r or CTRL ESC. I have already added multiple delays at the beginning of the script but still not working.
  3. Update: I just tried the lines DELAY 3000GUI r And the same behavior occurs. The computer acts as if ctrl+alt-delet. Two different machines win8.1 and win10, no security software installed. Ducky is out of the box, could it be that needs a firmware update or something else.?
  4. Windows 10, no security software. I did try on two different machines, and the same thing happens. Will try line by line to debug. I'll let you know soon.
  5. Hello All, Go the ducky recently, trying to play around with just the hello word payload. However every time I insert the USB the computer simulates like pressing ctrl+alt+delte. Sample Payload: DELAY 3000 GUI r DELAY 500 STRING notepad DELAY 500 ENTER DELAY 750 STRING Hello World!!! ENTER
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