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  1. I make now a factory reset and now it works! Thank you for this tip!
  2. Yes i know =) The SD-Card is new. i buy it last Thuesday and i have format it many times. You can read it in the Mainpost.
  3. So i become no help in this forum? Is there a support email address where one is helped?
  4. Hello I have a problem with the installation of the modules on the SD card. If my SD card using the function in WebGUI reformat I can see on the following screenshots is to look at the available modules. Now I come to the problem: Once I (any) install a module on my SD card and then the whole update, comes without end the pineapple loading Logo. As can be seen here in the screenshot. Why is that? and how can I fix this? Best regards dermitname
  5. I have a problem with the SD Card i think so. When i format it, i can load the modules at "Manage Modules". But when i install one Module to my sdcard and want to see it. It dosent show me the Module and when i want look at "Manage Modules" it load and load and load. Here the Screenshot: Whats happend? ps: sorry for my bad english
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