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  1. When I put a 16GB SD card in, it worked like a charm. The nano just didnt like the larger cards I have.
  2. If I leave the default gateway blank, nothing changes, still no connectivity
  3. First let me say when using my Nano via the App on my phone, the networking functions correctly. When using it on my Windows 7 laptop however, I get no connectivity to the network. Bulletins will not load ( Error connecting to WiFiPineapple.com. Please check your connection. ) nor will the module list populate. My home network does not use a standard ip pool, that is to say, not 192.168.x.x - rather I use a 10.77.x.x. IMHO this is where the problem lies. Windows objects strongly to the settings recommended by the forums and video 'Setup Guide For Windows" https://www.wifipineapple.com/pag
  4. I purchased a Pineapple Nano at DC24 5 days ago and I cannot get the Micro SD card to mount. I have tried several which all work in other devices and I have tried formatted and Nano formatted cards. I am not trying to do anything fancy and that doesn't follow the standard Nano work-flow. However, the format-reboot-repeat advice isn't working. The contents of the Nanos Fstab are as follows: <spoiler> config 'global' option anon_swap '0' option anon_mount '0' option auto_swap '1' option auto_mount '1' option delay_root
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