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  1. Here's what i'm trying to do and the reason behind it. I am basically posing this question after seeing some kid take a 3g module and plug it into a arduin/raz/pine board with touch screen like a palm pilot n whether he pre-coded or scripted the device, it ran an actual cellular network phone call. Essentially. He was able to tap into the same stream our now all-voip-lte-network smartphones use that had NO way to time or report use etc. No firmware for the cell company to flash to permanently mark the phone or digital-waste leaving a trace of whether it was a cellphone that had bee
  2. I was thinking about how the pine64 and similar boards have this hdmi with touchscreen support outs, might be in the form of capabilities. By this, my question or purpose of topic is; Would it be possible to utilize the hdmi out technology available on the android or mainstream (Apple,Microsoft) based cellular devices, by turning them into the receiver of the pine64 board's hdmi output? Would it be possible to flash old android hardware to be a fully featured touchscreen for that specific and expandable purpose? or, are there any ways to utilize the digitizer (touch-screen) from olde
  3. do you think this spice would be good to say, maybe, sprinkle around the entryway to ones home? to ward off unwanted pests, especially those with great noses? lulz
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