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  1. problem 1: I am unable to use any of the features in the filtering tab of the web interface. Adding a mac address from the recon tab reports with a message of "Acton completed successfully.", but nothing is added to the mac address list in filters tab. The same is true for adding an ssid to the filtering pool from the recon tab. problem 2: I am unable to manually add a mac address or ssid in the filtering tab. Entering something in either text field and clicking add has no effect. I found these problems here and there was a solution - install firmware 1.0.2, but I have 1.0.6 and these 2 problems are still there!!
  2. Hello. I'm trying to use SSLSplit module. When it's working and I try to open any HTTPS page (e.g. facebook) from my test laptop I always get an error about wrong SSL certificate of the page in the browser. Is there a workaround to solve it?
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