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  1. Is there a built in way to block access to 1471 and ssh 23 to client except those connected to the management WiFi or eth1? Even with a strong password on the gui, we wouldn't want to be P0wned by the very people that we're trying to pentest. No point in letting them know, "yep that's a pineapple." I could also see security scanners looking for 1471. I'm assuming we can restrict port 1471 usnig IPTABLES or something like that, but I'm curious if there's a built in way to do this using the GUI. Related, 1) Is there a downside to changing the default subnet from 172.16.42 to something else? I could see that being a red flag to scanners and 2) Is there a way in the GUI to change the subnet? Thanks
  2. Very minor bug. Tetra 1.0.2 firmware. No modules installed. From the GUI, if you select Networking and change the Access Point Channel, the change works, but returning to the Network page in the GUI doesn't display the selected channel in the GUI.
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