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  1. I see older info that shows that it was possible to install tmux - opkg install tmux Is there any alternate repositories, and how do I add them...like editing sources.list on Debian distros, but in a Pineapple/OpenWRT way. Thanks for any pointers.
  2. For the Tetra, if I'm looking at the front sdie (LEDs), which side corresponds to wlan0 or wlan1? There are two antenna on each side. Is left side pair the wlan0? If I want to attach the yagi, can I just detach one antenna of wlan1 (or my monitoring), or what's the recommended way? Should I have two Yagi for both antennae of wlan1? Or is it okay to detach one or both of wlan1 and then attach a single yagi? Thanks for any insights.
  3. Okay, sounds great. You're reply addresses my initial questions...mostly. I thought it was SMA, but wanted to be sure. I'm going to buy a Tetra with a Yagi for starters. Since I've been study lots of Linux and embedded Linux, WiFi, captive portals, etc, it shouldn't really be too rough for me. I can do wireless with without network-manager very easily...and have automatic lots of manual WiFi configurations using bash scripts. I would even like to download the tarballs available and burn my own platform, but it's probably better just to start with a Tetra. Thank you for the input.
  4. For example, I am also interested in the long range WiFi kit. Would I need two for the wifi adapter doing the distant operation?
  5. Here's why I ask - the 16DBI yagi antenna looks very cool. I've been reading about Yagi, but I also know there are trade-offs about there usage. Anyway, the shop says: "This 2.4GHz 16dBi Yagi antenna features an SMA connector for use with the WiFi Pineapple Mark V." So, will it work with the Tetra? Does Tetra have SMA connectors? And regarding the Tetra, I see the two antenna on each side, so maybe the Tetra is not ideally suited for the Yagi? I suppose there are two WiFi adapters with two antennae each. I'd like to understand the issues better before I make a purchase.
  6. Looking at the online options to purchase a Pineapple WiFi router at http://hakshop.myshopify.com/ it seems Tetra is pretty nice for my needs; however, I found some online Mark V tutorials. What's current? Is it safe to say Tetra is the way to go for now, based on what's available at the shop?
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