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  1. I am a new fan of NANO. I bought NANO few days ago. But... When you connect to a PC with NANO machine passed through the upgrade. After the reset LED goes off and does not appear, is off ... no wifi ... even 30min. if you turn off the power, and I turn, starts wifi, I can connect. I go to the dashboard Pineapple'a (, the startup screen GetStart ... one short pressing the button ... LED stops blinking 5-10 min ... nothing. no wifi not connected to the PC, the normal ... in the Communication was to then hold the button for more than 2s ... you guessed it ... but reset by holding down (while holding the LED flashes) and released (led OFF) NANO is dead .... wifi does not work, etc ... when you press the button, LED flashes but then continue is off, and the next disconnected from the power supply. I think the upgrade failed and needs to again execute it but do not know how. Pressed the button for 15 seconds does nothing.
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