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  1. My DNSspoof module is not working correctly... Searching and testing made me realize that the problem is probably that dnsspoof is responding too slow to the DNS queries and the Google dns answers reach the client faster (as shown in the pcap below (ie. packets 9-13)), so the client's dns queries do not get spoofed. After a ton of googling I've found a post referring to a bug in kali's dnsspoof (https://bugs.kali.org/view.php?id=2631) and they mentioned the problem was with libpcap... Is it possible that something related is happening? Thank you for your time, DRepas
  2. I've implemented a start on boot option for this module (created a new option in "Others" named "StartOnBoot"), ran a check to see if commander was already running at the begining of commander.py and module.php files in order to prevent multiple insstances and if start on boot was enabled I'd add a line to crontab to restart every minute... I am now working on a simple way to retrieve the response so I can run commands as ifconfig or ps and see the result on IRC... I'd suggest Foxtrot to implement such features as they can be really useful! If you want to I can attach my files
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