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  1. great. thank you very much. silly question: how do I put the code into a script and start the script on win10?
  2. Is there really nobody there who can help me? What for is the reset button? I wrote to the support but the last sound I heard of them was 4 days ago and I answered instantly and since then nothing.
  3. I have the same problem. Lost the connection as I uploaded the file to the /root/ folder. Now the sharkjack is blinking green fast, green slow, out some seconds, blinking green fast, green slow, out some seconds and a last time green fast, green slow, out forever. Until I I put it to off and to arming mode again. I did everything as you told. But this three times rounds of green blinking stay as they are. In the network on windows I can see the network device is on, off, on, off... and it stays off Is there any other possibility to reset the device? If not is is broken and I have to buy a new one. Great. I did the upgrade process as it was written here...
  4. At first I wanted to get a Rubber Ducky but then I saw the Bash Bunny and I think the Rubber Ducky might be a bit old fashioned because the Bash Bunny is out. So I should better buy the Bash Bunny instead of the Rubber Ducky. One of my priorities is to fake a keyboard and use some payloads for faking a keyboard. But the Bash Bunny can do so much more and I like to try it with the Bash Bunny. My question is simple: Can the Bash Bunny everything the Rubber Ducky can do? The Keyboard part is important for me. In the wiki I can read that the Bash Bunny could be a kind of keyboard if I want it. The Bash Bunny seems to me like a association between the Rubber Ducky and the Lan Turtle. So if my reading of the wiki is right, the Bash Bunny should be perfect for me for faking keyboards?
  5. I just did a factory reset and installed it again. It worked.
  6. I have a problem with this module: On the module site the button "Enable" stays at Enable even if I klick it. Should it not be chance to "Disable"? I connected my mobile phone with one of the AP of the Nano and got to the site and to but nothing happens on the module site. I checked with the module urlsnarf as you can see I typed the right address What did I wrong? Has anybody an idea?
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