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  1. Nothing special. I have my own network WPA2/AES with WPS off and I'm seeing what I can do to crack it just for the practice and interest of doing it. The only known advantage I'm giving myself is that I know the only characters used are A-Z and 0-9 and it is exactly 12 characters. I easily captured my own handshake by using airodump and aireplay. The next step in brute forcing is to plug in a wordlist. The wordlist must contain the password to work. To make a wordlist using crunch that had all possibilities of exactly 12 characters AZ09 is measured in petabytes. I'm trying to find a way to feed the same list of passwords in a far more manageable way. I imagine the list would take ages to compile and the estimated crack time even if I had the list and could use it seems to be longer than a lifetime anyways. My goal I want to accomplish is feeding is a wordlist to aircrack where the wordlist continued both creating and deleting itself at roughly the same rate. This way the wordlist could take up minimal space while still covering all possibilities.
  2. I imagined feeding it into aircrack. I don't pipe the data in without storing it bc I'm a nuby and dont know how to. The search terms I've been using to try to accomplish this are not yielding good results. Could you recommend a better search term on how to do this? I start my computer engineering degree this fall at uni. So far I only do this as a hobby.
  3. I need a 12 character AZ 09 wordlist. When I try to make one with Crunch on Kali the size is astronomical. It would be nice to be able to have crunch create a list for me that automatically prunes itself to keep a constant size consistent with the passwords per-second. http://lastbit.com/pswcalc.asp is suggesting to try every AZ09 12 digit password would probably take well longer than my lifetime. Regardless if anyone knows how to make a self deleting wordlist I would be interested to learn even if it will not be utilized where I imagined it being used. Thanks everyone.
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