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  1. Okay, thanks for confirming that this is a known bug!!! I'm not sure if you can share or not, but do you have an expected (while fully understood, not promised) time frame on when you expect the next update to be released? I ask because this bug is causing me some issues with a job I am currently working. Thanks, Kratos
  2. Oh, sorry. I forgot to include my etc/config/pineap file contents. This never changes, but displayed on the screen shows everything disabled and not selected. config pineap 'autostart' option enabled '1' option karma '1' option log_probes '1' option log_associations '1' option pineap '1' option beacon_responses '1' option harvester '1' option dogma '1'
  3. Hello, I recently updated my nano to v1.1.1 and now my PineAP Config resets after a shutdown or reboot. I enable PineAP (turn it on), select the options I want and then click save active config as default. But when I shutdown or reboot my nano, PineAP is disabled again and my selections are all gone. I have performed 3 factory resets and even completely cleared my SD card on this last one and it still continues to happen. Did this update "break" my ability to set my active config as default? Thanks, Kratos
  4. Okay, so I edited /etc/config/wireless and added my hidden network SSID, key, etc. When I turned on my Pineapple and went to Networks, it was not automatically connected. I then clicked search (on wlan2) and it didn't even display the hidden network. Not sure what I am doing wrong here. Any thoughts? Please be kind. I have never used a Pineapple before and am trying to learn to increase my pen testing skills. Thanks, Kratos
  5. I will take a look at editing the config file to manually add it. Does anyone know if I have have multiple hidden networks saved to choose from when I am near one? Kind of like how Windows, Linux, Android, etc save networks and auto connect when in range. I doubt I can get wlan2 to auto connect, but would like to have them saved so I don't have to edit the config file each time. Kratos
  6. I need to connect to a hidden SSID and am using a 3rd radio as wlan2, but do not see an option to manually connect to a network. Am I missing something or is this set up this way on purpose? Kratos
  7. Just got my first pineapple today and I cannot remove an AP from the filter list. When I click on it and then click remove it just stays in the list. Anyone able to help me figure this out? Kratos
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