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  1. I did not success to run it so i do not care about this now first of all i must run it then save all the result to the ducky then i will care about AV In the other hand , Windows defender does not react when i run it on my computer Windows 10 fully patched... No one can help me to run it from the usb?
  2. Why do i have to remove drive? Its a canonical name for the usb if upper i choose the usb drive to call it Duckydrive i must continue like that so I dont think its the mistake and i tried also (i said maybe...) and the prompt return no path so waiting for another advice because the prompt is stuck in the line i run this exe also my Antivirus is not running Anyway thanks...
  3. Hi everyone, Lazagne project First I tried to run this exe lazagne.exe on my desktop and i see in 2-3 seconds all my passwords from browsers and also hashes. So i choose to use this exe on my rubber ducky but nothing happened. I joined the script you can download it. First i tried to run it without saving the results but in the beginning i will be happy to run it. Secondly save the results on the usb will be great. Thanks for the help in advance. LAZAGNE USB.txt
  4. After few days i did not see again so the problem solved Thanks
  5. Sorry I had not computer to answer faster Very intersting like you said But no And after 7 or 8 times i plug in/out the twin duck and erase the inject.bin and copy the new I get the new payload who works but i will try again to see...
  6. Hi everyone! I have a bug recently I tried to insert a new inject.bin but nothing works I erase the inject.bin Then use the duckencoder to encode the new inject.bin I eject the ducky trough explorer and after with my hand But after doing that and plug in the same last payload run (Password grabber of Mr Gray's) I will appreciate help
  7. Hi I recently see a little program http://www.nirsoft.net/toolsdownload/webbrowserpassview_setup.exe who works on win7/8/10 who dump/decrypt the web's passwords so i come here to ask from people who know better than me to help me So i look for on the internet and thanks to god i success to run the exe but i need help for two more steps 1)I run the exe from cmd so the app doesn't display, and then i can't interact with it ,so i can't write after running my exe "CONTROL S" ,its in the background! 2)and also if i success to save the file how can i know where the explorer will bring me and save the file. I tried so many ways i saw on the internet to run an exe and save as tx file but no result. So i join my inject.bin and inject.txt so you can see the code and help me faster Thanks in advance for helping. inject.bin inject.txt
  8. Hi people, I have an idea to create a switch So i can write mutiple payloads or over things and according to the my choice it will execute only the part 1 or 2.... And after the payloads ends its ask again until i choose "exit" So if someone can help me Thanks in advance
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