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  1. Hi! My bunny doesn't appear to be functional anymore. When I plug it in (regardless of switch position), the LED sequence is the same: Solid Green -> Turns off -> Solid Red for ~1s -> Solid Green -> Turns off -> Solid Red... <repeat> I tried Darren's firmware reset steps and Seb's unbricking guide, both in a PC and in a separate USB plug. No go. Same results. Any other suggestions or just bin it and get a new one? Thanks in advance!
  2. That's a good point and an option, but my interest was more toward using the frontend UI to warwalk with my phone with the connector app as opposed to trying to read/manipulate an SSH session on the tiny screen.
  3. Hello all, What I would like to do is be able to walk a multi-story building running a pineapple doing recon as a site survey and dump that information manually for each floor. The issue I seem to be running into is the Recon module and the Site Survey modules refresh their lists on each scan. They don't append to an existing list. Also, I don't see anywhere in either module to export the list of SSIDs and associated information to a text/CSV/other file. Does this exist and I've overlooked it? Sorry if this is a noob question but I didn't see it in the documentation.
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