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  1. facebook.com, like others, uses HSTS, i had some issues with that and couldn't access anything using sslsplit. In my case, Chrome just simply block the facebook page saying there is an attack since its not https.
  2. Hey this module seams to work fine on my nano, nice work ! I tried the module on a client with chrome, and with all the major https website, they have hsts and so chrome yells at us that there is an attack ... So whats the point of this now that HSTS makes it impossible to use... no?
  3. Hi all, I'm new in this pineapple world, and i'm having fun ! i'm starting with simple things such as recon/PineAP stuff and deauth user in order to understand more and get to more fun things. I already played with some tools in kali but i don't get how this module works. I use the wlan1mon, and tested a few settings (channels and blacklists) but it doesn't start (last line in logs : Starting Deauth...) I'm sorry if i'm missing something simple but i used the deauth method from the recon page of the nano, and this one works (AP and/or client gets deauth) but when i use it with PineAP, my target get deauth but still connect him self to the 'good' AP, and not the open one from the nano. Maybe this module would be more effective ? An other thing (bug ?), when i set some settings such as the channel to 2, it doesn't seams to set it correctly since it still logged 'default' : Mode : blacklist Channel : default Speed : 2 Monitor : wlan1mon Interface : wlan1mon Starting Deauth... Thanks for all the work, this is great !
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