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  1. Well, the law is probably the same. What we did is definitely not allowed, but reporters do have extended rights, and the victims had first signed an agreement to participate in the demonstration (we used a client filter to pin-point one specific host).
  2. Had an interesting assignment yesterday. Together with the Chairman of Danish Council for Digital Security, and a fabulous TV crew from Warner Brothers / Dplay / Kanal 5 we demonstrated how easy it is to intercept WIFI traffic, and committing social engineering attacks in a crowded café in the middle of Copenhagen, with great success I might add. The whole session will be broadcasted this fall on the danish TV channel Kanal 5. It might be so that the Pineapple Nano and Rubber Ducky was two of the tools we used, so you may see a boost in incoming orders from Denmark in a couple of months ;)
  3. Hi everyone.. my name is Stefan and I'm really Curious.. Favourite game: Q3AFavourite OS: !windows (if you know what I mean)Favourite console: xtermNationality: Swedish Accent: EnglishSex: Male Race: White EuroHeight: 6"3'Build: Fit for my age (48)Favourite band: U2Favourite book: Too many to listFavourite author: See aboveFavourite movie: See books, but recently DeadpoolFavourite director: KurusawaFavourite TV Show: GoTOther hobbies: Working out, electronics, snorkling, photography, ....... Car: BMW 535 Occupation: IT security consultant
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