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  1. Regardless of what frequency I am using the HackRF One shows what I would call white noise. The noise resembles static, the noise commonly observed between radio stations. This is a recent occurrence and I am not sure if this is caused from device failure or some user error. The last time the device was used was a couple months ago and it worked fine for radio stations via GQRX and SDR Sharp, and transmitting a prerecorded audio file via GNU Radio. My question is how do I test if device is operating properly and not a user error? If the damage is caused by perpetrators then it is concerning considering I have fully encased the device in metal shield and added aftermarket cans to the device to prevent electromagnetic interference. The Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) light up as they are supposed to. The first three LEDs (1v8, RF, USB) light up when the device is plugged into USB, the second to last LED (Rx) lights up when SDR Sharp is turned on, and last LED (Tx) lights up when transmitting with GNU Radio but nothing appears to emit similarly to nothing being picked up from standard radio stations. My concern is the HackRF One is damaged due to neighbors, who are participating in gangstalking, have caused damage to my device from what can be described as Directed Energy Weapon (DEW), which causes a static discharge similarly to an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). I know it sounds insane but so are those participating in the activity as they appear to be part of some lunatic fringe organizations with various ideological motivations. Please see "HackRF One Troubleshooting (13JAN2019).mp4" for a short video clip of issue here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xpOV6MV0Xsz1-hgk3oj-m8QhTx2cJgVW
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