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  1. Hey guys, since its working on yours, could you do me a favour and check your libs?
  2. root@rj45:/sd/modules/tcpdump/dump# opkg install libevent2-openssl Package libevent2-openssl (2.0.22-1) installed in sd is up to date. root@rj45:/sd/modules/tcpdump/dump# sslsplit sslsplit: can't load library 'libevent_openssl-2.0.so.5' root@rj45:/usr/lib# ls | grep libevent root@rj45:/usr/lib# does this currently work for anyone? Can you share your output of above command?
  3. And the lib doesnt actually exist in /usr/lib/
  4. I have installed the dependencies already but: root@rj45:~# sslsplit sslsplit: can't load library 'libevent_openssl-2.0.so.5'
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