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  1. some one know how to bypass HSTS with SSLsplit or another tool with TETRA?
  2. thanks! my pineapple is working now ! :)
  3. i cant locate ModuleNav some one can Help me?
  4. sorry, I am Newbie where is 1.you need to locate the moduleNav file in the includes directory.2.copy the moduleNav code into it and save it.3.navigate to the infusions directory4.edit ModuleList and gain copy the ModuleList code into it and save.5.create a directory on the usb named infusions6.copy the infusions to this directory.7.don't forget any infusions you not using commeny out in both sets of code with a #.8.reboot.
  5. I was download infusions https://github.com/WhistleMaster/Pineapple-MK4 and copy to USB. but I dont know how to install the infusions in my pienapple IV 2.8.1 can help me?
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