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  1. OK, I reset my Nano and reinstalled SSLsplit. Everything seems to be working with the internet and everything. Now, when I turn on SSLsplit, go to like Facebook.com, the page is in plain text. Is SSLsplit supposed to do this? Is there a setting I can change to make the facebook page look normal again? Any help is appreciated.
  2. I start the PineAP and connect my iPhone 5S to the Nano. I go to the Chrome app and the internet is working fine. I start SSLsplit. I then go back to the iPhone 5s and it cannot connect to the internet. The same thing happened when connecting with the Macbook Pro. Any Ideas why SSLsplit is stopping access to the internet? I'm using Windows 7 with the WiFi Pineapple Nano. Thanks for any help!
  3. I'm good now. I updated Windows (like 2 critical and 10 others), restarted, went back into the Pineapple Network properties and had to re-enter the IP address. The internet sharing checkbox was already checked. Went back to the dashboard and hit the "load bulletins" and the latest came up immediately. I guess the update reset whatever I broke. Thanks for the help!
  4. No, it is Windows 7. It worked fine two days ago. It was using the laptop's WiFi connection sharing. All of those settings are still the same. It is now not using the shared internet for some reason. I am using Chrome. I can have several tabs open and all of the tabs are surfing the web while the Nano Dashboard tab gives me the above error when I check for Bulletins, i.e. check to see if the Nano is connected to the internet.
  5. I feel like I am making things worse now. I factory reset the Nano hoping to start from scratch and now it will not even load bulletins. I can go to another tab and get to wifipineapple.com just fine, but the web interface cannot get there. Any thoughts?
  6. I could not find this in a topic so please redirect me if it is there anywhere. My Nano is connected and blue light solid. I collect SSIDs and broadcast. I connect with a separate computer to one of the SSIDs. That computer then acts like I do not have an internet connection. I connect the other computer directly to the Nano ad it still acts like I do not have an internet connection. In my Windows settings I have the adapter settings correct. It actually was working earlier. Did I accidentally turn off the internet sharing on the Nano somehow? How do I test this?
  7. I plugged it into my desktop and got the the same sad page error. They both use the same ESET Firewall and Antivirus, so I turned it off on this computer and still got the error. Do you think the ESET software could still be playing a part in blocking this device?
  8. Excuse me, I get the sad piece of paper, not the dinosaur. Anyway, I just plugged it into a newer Dell Precision M4700 and the web interface came up. Comes up as ASIX AX88772A USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Connector. I'd still like to use this older Acer computer if we could get it to work here. The Dell is my work computer and they kind of frown on extracurricular use.
  9. When I plug the Y connector into the computer, I get a page with the pixelated dinosaur that says "site can't be reached". The device manager has it coming up as "other devices". Screenshots are attached. Is it possible that this computer is too old? When I had connected it to my Mac, the web interface came up just fine.
  10. I bought the Nano. I have a Mac and and an old windows computer running 7 pro. I thought I would firmware upgrade using the Mac and Linux upgrade file. When I got to the instructions for the internet sharing, the Mac would not take the "wget" command. I then read a post by Darren that seemed like it might be a pain to maintain the Nano on a Mac. I plugged the nano into the Windows 7 machine and it will not connect to the nano using the path. Are the firmwares different between the Linux download and the Windows download? I cannot even get the Windows machine to get to the point to where I can flash the firmware, so I am wondering if I have just paired the Nano with Linux by downloading that firmware first. Does anyone know if that happened? Do I need to go through that long firmware restore process and then download the Windows version of the firmware? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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