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  1. I plugged in an ubertooth 1 and was able to get it to work without the tetra crashing..
  2. Have you tried another USB BT device? Have you tried using a powered USB Hub between the Pineapple and the USB BT device?
  3. I don't even understand what it is you're trying to accomplish. Why would you want the pineapple to connect to the internet from a windows 10 pc when you have a router with internet access?
  4. I would connect to the pineapple via ssh and check dmesg, syslogs.. something may be failing.
  5. these are all things one learns to do through reading and practicing. You do not need to ARP poison the client if the client is connected to the pineapple and is using the pineapple as it's gateway. I don't understand why you would be upset at a hardware vendor when the problem is your lack of knowledge and experience.
  6. You can't have multiple rules for the same traffic. There are iptables rules for the MITM transparent proxying of traffic. What you need to do is create a prerouting rule that will tee or copy the traffic.. iptables -t mangle -A PREROUTING -p tcp --dport 80 -j TEE --gateway BURP_IP:PORT http://linuxcommand.org/man_pages/iptables8.html ROUTE This is used to explicitly override the core network stack’s routing decision. mangle table. --oif ifname Route the packet through ‘ifname’ network interface --iif ifname Change the packet’s incoming interface to ‘ifname’ --gw IP_address Route the packet via this gateway --continue Behave like a non-terminating target and continue traversing the rules. Not valid in combination with ‘--iif’ or ‘--tee’ --tee Make a copy of the packet, and route that copy to the given des- tination. For the original, uncopied packet, behave like a non- terminating target and continue traversing the rules. Not valid in combination with ‘--iif’ or ‘--continue’
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