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  1. hoi , bedankt voor de gif. ik zie wat u duidelijk proberd te maken bedankt thx
  2. Android tetra. Empty log ? ? And I will MIDM. which interface it must take , to scan for client information? Is everything in the app standart set the correct interface? thanks for your help I have automatich clients conect zo far. urlsnaf log connections Emmy log ? On historie Oslo empty
  3. hi I understood you explain rather well! But you gift is not what I see in my phone !! the time is not good at !! but few hours later! I live in NL and the time is few hours later !!! THx
  4. the tim is not good! i can olso not set it? what you say is not true! The time he is giving incorrect !! And if I set him on my time zone eu then he goes back to origins of time and that is not good !! Help
  5. I can not set THE time adjustment . Everitime these back to Taiwan! Time !? Who can help me I can put right in the app for my tetra time.
  6. current Configuration network .wan 2 interface network .wan2.ifname-pppo network .wan 2. proto 3g network wan2. service-cdma network. Wan2.device /dev/ttyUSB0 network wan 2. apn Live. vodafone .com network .wan2. username Vodafone network wan 2. password Vodafone network .wan2. defaultroute 1 network wan2.ppp redial persist network. Wan2.peer dns 1 network .wan2. dns 8.8. 8. 8 network wan 2. keepalive 1 network.Wan2.ppp I have mobile configuration completed as far as I understood what it meant to fill, but is not whorking. .See someone something strange here? Thanks for the help
  7. I ask why no pineapple app was created that works at Mark 5 ?? I do not want to nag, but if people like me who hide live, is purchasing a new pineapple a very precious thing! Shipping costs customs fees, I would willing to pay for the Pineappel app. I also have a question in the meantime I try. market 5 with USB and Android for seeing internet via tehetering. phone works okay on my laptop as a modem. the mark 5 i networks is a tap with mobile configuration. who has an idea of what you need to fill in? for I thought just did everything mar does not work. And if you Pineappel USB to see the Internet. you see that then the orange LED? do I see USB adapter support the interface. only is there a different ip adderess than (How can I change that? or should not? Even if I. Change standart router and click update router then he picks just to the br router .and not THE usb
  8. Hi I understand .but I could get through my Android marker v for seeing internet!. whitout de app
  9. I think I'm going to make a micro USB cable (Android) to Ethernet .then via smartphone to the Mark V try tethering. for gife it internet.
  10. O o? Therefore, it does not work, How should I then get to work? have tried without app but does not work. and why do they not app mark 5 ??? Is not weird? someone has an Android phone that he is working with USB Tetering, mark v? THx.
  11. Hi I have now tried everything to see me for pineapple mark v Android phone from the Internet, viu USB cable. but it does not work, the app continues to seek verbinding.als I hn from plug he asks if I have the USB ontkopeld so he sees hemwel.telefoon root is money, and works on laptop. it is a Sony E3
  12. Hello everything goes according to your explanation, but he continues to seek the pineapel .sony 4. Android. he is rooted but not connected with pineapple help
  13. gelukt . nu heb ik dus urlsnarf lopen ,en client conect , hoe en wat nu?
  14. oke in het Nederlands . bedankt zo vast voor je tijd !! En geduld . ik waardeer het heel erg ! Maar als ik welke sd kaart ook (nieuw of gebruikte ) formatteert dan blijft de annanas maar draaien in beeld en lees ik Plessers wait ! ? 40 minuten nu al , en het is een nieuwe die er nu in zit !! Pineapple op nieuwe gestart alles al geprobeerd maar hij ziet de sd kaart niet ?en hii gaat op formatteren maar daar komt geen eind aan ????
  15. Since this new start, I have no memory? sd card he sees no more? have already tried three?
  16. ??? [x] The WiFi Pineapple may use either its internal second radio, wlan1, or some external WiFi to join a nearby wireless Access Point as a client as a convenient means for providing Internet access. If using wlan1 in client mode some PineAP functions (Dogma, Beacon Response) will not be available when the radio is in use. For a list of compatible WiFi adapters see Mikiudfipinsapple.com. ??? Is thuis oke ? Connect informatie Interface Connection Information Refresh Disconnect Selected Interface Interface: wlan1 Connected. wlanl Link encap :Ethernet HWaddr 00:13:37:97:1c:46 inet addr: Bcast: Mask: UP BROADCAST RUNNING MULTICAST MTU:15ee Metric:1 RX ckets 127 errors:e dropped:e overruns :e frame :e Tx packets 63 errors:e dropped:e overruns: e carrier:e collisions :0 txqueuelen Rx bytes 47224 (46.1 KiB) Tx bytes: 8014 (7.8 KiB) wlan1 IEEE 802.11bg ESSID:" vGv751902146B Mode: Managed Frequency:2.447 GHz Access Point: A8:D3:F7:e2:14:6B Bit Rate 6 Mb/s Tx-Power 27 dBm RTS thr:off Fragment thr:off Encryption key:off Power Management:off Link Quality 70/70 Signal level -19 dBm Rx invalid nwid:e Rx invalid crypt :0 Rx invalid frag:e Tx excessive retries:0 Invalid misc:1 Missed beacon:e olso i SEe that connected is in list (dhcp leases 1)? en not vieuw in de connected clients?
  17. okay client is now connected !! now i client mode set WLAN1 connected to my home network has Internet! and what do I do now. ??
  18. web interface reset failed! But went further! ? I see now, indeed, also WiFi names to come I've never seen, so that means pineapple network names has machine and broadcast back! ? By region (now sitting with family and cousins) and a phone indeed not connected, but not in client list phone to my vision possible? there is not a client in my list , and I have a cousin who wants to participate to test .heeft wiffie on to stand out but nothing happened . So i aske you what to do ? thx
  19. hi thanks for your effort! but luk though not even resetting web interface (DIP switches 0001 - Internet adapter to -.! brouwser - been working out, then I do not agree with what you say, then stop trying?! ! sister because that would mean that it therefore is not so simple !! but right now but first help me with the problem that I can not even reset ?? thanks for you time .so fixed because I respect anyone who offers assistance .but 'IF will help someone to work until I really can see information such as log data, and MITM, because giving up as if we saying here? No hacking is tich just try and search out, thx for your time !!
  20. Er is gewoon niemand die kan vertellen hoe je stap voor stap MITM werkend man uit leggen ?!!!! Niemand ik geloof er echt niet meer in dat het werk want de pineapple zou het zo makkelijk maken om mensen te verbinden , Nou mooi niet !! Echt niet , Niemand kan me vertellen stap voor stap wat en hoe . Niemand !!??? En al video zijn oud !!
  21. Krijg het gevoel dat het gewoon niet meer doet wat men zeg , ik kan niet eens met test op steling verbonden worden, die open wiffie heeft conect niet eens via pineapple !!
  22. I like the pineapple on new start, password, enter a name to fill plus password. I get a screen that says !!! make sure you later verbijt the pineapple with the wiffie network name so you just have made it! mountain goat is? I understood that you have to connect properly with a network where you have access to the Internet?--MITM als ik de pineapple op nieuw op start , wachtwoord in vul , een naam in vul plus wacht woord . Dan e krijg ik een scherm waar op staat !!! zorg dat je straks de pineapple verbindt met het wiffie netwerk ,naam die je zo juist heb aan gemaakt! Klopt dit wel ? ik had begrepen dat je juist moet verbinden met een netwerk waar van je toegang tot internet heb?MITM
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