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  1. 7 hours ago, newbi3 said:

    This is something that I indeed need to address and sud0nick has pointed out a partial solution for this, however it involved modifying the nginx config and thats something I'm trying to avoid doing. When I have a free day on my hands this is something I'm going to be researching and implementing. Wether or not it will make it into the 3.0 release I can't say for sure but it will definitely be in a 3.x release.


    My problem is not HSTS, it's more : "how do captive portals make the mobile clients pop-up a browser for the login page ?"

    I can't find any info on that. My google-fu is bad today :/ for HSTS I think there is nothing to do, unless we play with sslplit v2 and some hack but it's pretty hard to implement..


    Here is what I just found : https://serverfault.com/questions/679393/captive-portal-popups-the-definitive-guide

    another with some infos: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/212871/captive-portal-detection-popup-implementation

    It seems to be my answer :)

  2. 10 hours ago, sud0nick said:

    @SatchBoogie There's an Error Logs pane in the module that you have to expand.  If you don't see any logs in there then tell me what you were trying to clone and with what options.  If you do find an error log, paste its contents here.

    Thanks. I fixed my issue by removing all links in /www/

    Some of them were hidden files (starting with '.') that I uploaded to a portal I made, and maybe it created some error when starting the module.But I'm really not sure.

  3. Hi!

    Is there a way to have the 'splash page' mechanizm in this version ? When I connect with android to the portal, it seems chrome (on android) is launching google.com automatically. I'm not sure if it's some configuration of the portal or not.

    Ideally, I would like the browser to be opened on the login page, because sometimes I users would just connect to the access point then continue their browsing on HTTPS websites.

    How to achieve that ?

    thanks !

  4. 30 minutes ago, bored369 said:

    I don't know of another one, but I have the armory and really like it.  I don't use it for a pentesting setup though, I have other purposes I'm using it for.  They do have a compatible Kali build for it though.

    Hey thanks. Is the community around it, active ? What do you use the Armory for ?

  5. Hi everyone,

    I'm interested in the Armory USB but I would like to know if there is some board somewhere, with the same form factor and USB connector, that is sold ?

    I find the price a little too high, so I thought maybe I could try to do it myself.. I spend the latest 2 hours tring to find something similar, but I found only one board on adafruit (I think ?) but it's an arduino one. I'm looking for the same specs as the Armory USB, that is:

    • ARM processor with Linux support > 800Mhz
    • USB host powered
    • USB Device emulation to make it be an Ethernet over USB adaptor as well as Mass Storage
    • Optional: an LED to display some status (on/off/working/etc...)

    Thanks for your guidance.


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