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  1. Hi, My problem is not HSTS, it's more : "how do captive portals make the mobile clients pop-up a browser for the login page ?" I can't find any info on that. My google-fu is bad today :/ for HSTS I think there is nothing to do, unless we play with sslplit v2 and some hack but it's pretty hard to implement.. Here is what I just found : https://serverfault.com/questions/679393/captive-portal-popups-the-definitive-guide another with some infos: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/212871/captive-portal-detection-popup-implementation It seems to be my answer :)
  2. Thanks. I fixed my issue by removing all links in /www/ Some of them were hidden files (starting with '.') that I uploaded to a portal I made, and maybe it created some error when starting the module.But I'm really not sure.
  3. Hi! Is there a way to have the 'splash page' mechanizm in this version ? When I connect with android to the portal, it seems chrome (on android) is launching google.com automatically. I'm not sure if it's some configuration of the portal or not. Ideally, I would like the browser to be opened on the login page, because sometimes I users would just connect to the access point then continue their browsing on HTTPS websites. How to achieve that ? thanks !
  4. Hi guys. how do you get the logs of this module ? I'm trying to clone a portal but it says "an error has occured, please check the logs". Thanks
  5. Yep I tried but.. so many errors when running those commands. Are you sure the kernel supports it ? Thanks !
  6. Hi, Do you guys plan to support usbip for the pineapple nano ? it would be great, we could use the two radios on another computer with kali :) thanks !
  7. Hey thanks. Is the community around it, active ? What do you use the Armory for ?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm interested in the Armory USB but I would like to know if there is some board somewhere, with the same form factor and USB connector, that is sold ? I find the price a little too high, so I thought maybe I could try to do it myself.. I spend the latest 2 hours tring to find something similar, but I found only one board on adafruit (I think ?) but it's an arduino one. I'm looking for the same specs as the Armory USB, that is: ARM processor with Linux support > 800Mhz USB host powered USB Device emulation to make it be an Ethernet over USB adaptor as well as Mass Storage Optional: an LED to display some status (on/off/working/etc...) Thanks for your guidance.
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