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  1. Hey there! My name is Jonas aka Dream-Zone Favourite game: Counter strike ;) Favourite OS: Suse 10.2 Favourite console: My xbox Nationality: Danish Sex: Male Age: 23 Height: 177cm Status: Girlfreiend Favourite band: U2 and Green Day and BestiBoyes Favourite movie: Hackers 1 and 2. Cool olde movies. Favourite TV Show: ohh i have a lot: Hak5 - Revision3 - Lab Rats - Twit - Wasd Tv - Pure PP - Packet Sniffer - Mobuzz Tv Favourite Comedian: The Man Show Other hobbies: None only my 3 computers ;o) Car: Have none only my belovning bike ;) Work: I have a job like a barthenter. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will like to say that the movies on Hak5.org arr gret i have all the episodes on one of my computers.... Have a nice day people! HAK5.org ROCKS!!! :P
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