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  1. Any info about this card or how to put it in monitor mode? Thanks for any help.
  2. I have a rebranded orinoco wireless classic card and It says Agere Systems mac address xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Encryption 128RC Hermes-I chipset Radio Type: PC24E-H-FC JATE: D99-1057JP FCC ID: IMRWLPCE24H 5V, 16-bit PCMCIA ID: PCMCIALUCENT_TECHNOLOGIES-WAVELAN/IEEE-C9081 -this comes up in the properties when plugged in. Full 14 channels supported (US = 11, EUR = 13, JAP = 14) 40/128 Bit WEP Encryption supported WPA / TKIP / SSN Encryption supported (special supplicant is included to support windows 2000/win98/XP) How do I place this card in monitor mode? This card works great for window and linux without any drivers.
  3. I own many legal pistols and rifles and have used them in self defense. I don't think people should see them as cool. i own them because my family an I were attacked once when we lived in a big city. My mom was beaten and had her purse taken. We knew that the idiot criminals now would come to the house and want to rob it. Or that they might. so I went out and bought an assault rifle. I loaded a 30 round magazine and stayed in house with the lights off. Of course the idiot criminal showed up to rob us. When he was trying to open a window I went around the house(my heart was beating like a mad rabbit at this point) and I pointed the colt ar15 at him ans said you want to die asshole. I said if you move I will shoot you. he moved and I blasted a few rounds in the ground next to him. My friend next door called the police and he is now in prison for 15 years. The only person that can help you is your self. don't ever compare a person who like me owns a gun and bought it leagally to a scum bag criminal who is out to harm people. And yes If he would have went at me I would have shot him. Its not like a lifetime movie where I would have handed him the gun and cried. I carry my pistol all the time when I go out. I was a boy scout and they said be prepared.
  4. Asus P5B motherboard intel core 2 duo 2.13 6400 kingston 2 x 1 GB ddr2 800 Nvidia 7600 gs Running Vista home prem on 1 harddrive and Ubuntu 6.10 on the other Macbook 2.0 1 gb ram superdrive T-23 IBM thinkpad 1.00 pent III 512 ram HP a730n pent 4 3.00 1gb dual boot Windows xp home and mepis 6
  5. Just for the record since I actually own Vista I will tell you that it is way better than xp. I have been using it since it came out and I have not had 1 single crash or silly message about programs having to quit and the nonsense about sending a note to microsoft. Now and then I boot up my xp box and it is not fun using it. For people that say Vista is just like xp. Not. For people that say "there are too many different versions and I get my brain all confused" If your not smart enough to be able to tell the difference between Vista Basic and Ultimate then you should not even own a computer. You dumb. And never try Linux because there are so many different choices there that your head will spin. Just for the record my computer that I homemade and is running Vista is a pleasure to use. I have not had any trouble with any drivers or getting printers to work. I love these yahoo articles that come out and they try to tell people not to buy Vista because your Hp printer wont work with it. Yeah right! If you hate Bill Gates or Microsoft then don't ever buy anything they make. As far as the price goes, My copy was $149, that will $29 dollars a year over the time I will use it. If you can't afford $30 a year then don't ever get a girlfriend because they will suck down more money than that in one weekend. The search feature in vista is great. You never even have to look for anything. With my macbook it never seems like Spotlight ever finds what I want as quick, so I never use it. Vista search almost reads my mind and comes up with the right choice right off the bat. So those people that say "I can't find anything in Vista because Microsoft changed the menu systems" are full of bull. top reasons I bought Vista 1. because I could 2. to piss off Mac friends 3. I have to buy all the new systems just for the hell of it. 4. its fun to learn new things 5. because I could deduct it on my business taxes
  6. Figures, since That country is selling 50 cal sniper rifles to terror groups used to kill American and Israeli soldiers.
  7. First off I am the only person that went out and spend the money to buy a real copy of xp(2 of them), while everyone else just used illegal copys. Including the entire country of China. Even my Mom only uses illegal copys. I have never meet one single person who went out and spent $200 on a real disk. Every computer store around where I live makes computers and puts pirate copys on them. One of them was just busted for doing this. My question is. Why is everyone so cheap? My Vista copy was $149. If I use this system for 5 years that would equal to about $30 a year. Well worth the price if you like windows products. Which I do. Even with Linux, I spend the $1.50 per disk to buy the distros. Why not give back to the guys who work hard to bring you free stuff. My point is that I think its funny that people who never spent a dime in their life buying any OS(picked them up illegal) complain about the money Vista costs when Microsoft spent 7 billion to create it. Don't be cheap give the Linux guys a few coins.
  8. After using Vista for a month and not having one single crash and then going back to an XP computer is a nightmare. This program is not responding and needs to bite my tail. XP sucks.
  9. My point is that sure I can read instructions and get anything to work(as long as the hardware will be nice) but why not use a distro that gets the stuff working without wasting your time. I have to run my business 7 days a week, take care of a really needy girlfriend, watch hockey and read tons of computer books. I don't have the time it takes to get every linux system working. I will just use my Knoppix disks and use mepis and ubuntu my macbook and my windows vista and xp computers. Linux guys love to act like what they are using is so complicated that you need to be an elite user to comprehend it. Anyone that can read can learn anything. But you have to have enough time to learn instead of wasting complete days on getting the stuff to work.
  10. if you can't set up a gui in fedora (excluding hardware issues) then gentoo is not for you... If you can’t handle very basic things in Fedora I would strongly recommend that you don’t go anywhere near Gentoo. You might want to read a couple of books on *NIX to get a better grasp on the subject before moving to a distro that was developed for *NIX users, instead of one that was developed for moving people away from Windows. I know I am a Linux Noob. I do read a lot and will get better in the near future. I just use my Ubuntu computer for basic things(mail, videos, ipod, movies etc). I have used Fedora core 5 in the past and had good sucess, but when I went to number 6 I could not get things to install and work. Its hard for a new linux user to understand why everything they just did didn't work when you followed the instructions perfect. I don't understsnd the whole Ubuntu is a sellout thing but rather I just like using stuff that works. With Mepis and Ubuntu my printers(and usb stuff) work right off the bat. Part of the problem is when I tried other distros they would not load on my computers. Basically its nice just to have a linux box running when everything works and I don't get crushed by nastys all the time like with windows. I will learn it just takes some time. People with 15 years of experience will of course know more than me with only 1(with linux).
  11. Ubuntu is the only distro that I can get every video player to work in. Fedora I command line all day long and follow all th instructions and nothing. ubuntu you don't even have to use the command line to get anything to work. Just go to getautomatix.com and select your verison and 10 minutes later your done. Fedora is not for the new user. also. I love Mepis. that is another great system. You can also get automatix to work with the version 6.0 mepis. It should not take someone all day to get a flashplayer to work. Ubuntu is really easy to use without the 10 hours of command line only to not ahve your videos to work. I never tried Gentoo. I will give it a try. I heard that the support for that distro is way down and its almost given up on. I'm not an expert on linux but I know that i like it when my videos work.
  12. Cool link. I love Ubuntu and that would be great to have it already installed on a laptop. Thanks I will check it out.
  13. I'm really getting into the security aspect of computers and want to know if an apple macbook 2.0 core duo is a good laptop to start with. I was thinking about picking up a IBM think pad but if the macbook is good then I will just use that. I didn't know if it was a good choice since it doesn't have a card slot and it might be harder to use OSX instead of windows or linux. . I do have windows installed with parellels. Thanks for any input.
  14. No they are not together. Just 1 on separate cables. I even tried disconnecting the floppy drive but of course that didn't work.
  15. I get the error with live cds/dvds and with the install disks. I have 1 harddrive setup with Sata cable. 1 floppy drive set up on its own. my combo dvd/cd drive is IDE and has nothing else attached to it. I have tried 7 different cd and dvd drives. I also had 2 drives connected before at first and that didn't work either.
  16. Update! After trying 14 different linux distros I found 1 that worked. Mandriva 2007 free worked. I can't believe thats the only one that worked. What does Mandriva know about Core 2 duo and Asus motherboards that the other do not know? I guess its a start.
  17. I will try that now. I just tried to disable acpi and apm and it didn't work. Still gets errors when trying to load.
  18. I have tried about 12 different ones so far with no luck. Fedora core 5 and 6, Unbuntu 6.06 and the latest, Mepis 6, knoppix(4 different verisons), pcliuxos, Damn small linux(newest version), Dream, etc. I was trying everyone I could find. Mandriva.
  19. Damn, I posted this a few times on other forums with no luck. Darren are you out there? Help! Help! the noob.
  20. I'm just trying to use the same disks I have been using for years on my other computers. I am unable to install or use the live dvd/cds. I think I need to change something in the bios. Since I'm a noob thats why I am asking the experts.
  21. I have an ASUS P5B motherboard(basic model) and a core2 duo 2.13 6400 with and antec 650 power supply and 2 x 1 gb sticks of kingston ddr2 800 ram. My graphics card is a Nvidia geforce 7600 gs. I have a floppy drive and 1 dvd burner(not on the same connection cable) My harddrive is a sata drive hooked up with of course a sata cable. I have windows xp home installed and everything works perfect except I CAN USE ANYTHING LINUX AT ALL. I can't install any linux distro or use any live dvds/cds. When I try to use a linux live disk an error message comes up that says can't find file system for mepis(example) halted! or Can't find knoppix filesystem, sorry. dropping you to a(very limited shell). press, reset to quit. Additional built in commands avaliable. CAT MOUNT UNMOUNT INSMOD RMMOD ISMOD kNOPPIX#_ I have tried 5 different optical drives and checked the ram and its fine. I tried with just 1 stick with no luck. Is something in the bios settings the problem. Thanks for any input. Great show!
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