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  1. @Just_a_User @Sebkinne hi...i want to git clone rbenv to install ruby after that but i wasnt able to git clone..i get the output that it cant resolve hostname for github.com but i was able to apt update && apt upgrade and also to install packages with apt ..any thoughts? thanks so much!
  2. hey hey:-) How do i correctly install the DuckyLibraryUpdate? when i copy the content of the DuckyLibraryUpdate folder to switch1 unplug safe switch to switch1 and plug in the LED goes off ... what am i doing wrong? do i need to copy the install.sh to another place ? I use it on macOS High Sierra and with a german keyboard layout... thank you for your help! cheers florian
  3. Hi folks, i have problems to get the bash bunny work on macOS High Sierra ! its possible to ssh into the bunny but i cant run apt update etc... i have followed the bunny wiki and installed squid ..it runs ....but when i want to apt update i get this output: root@bunny:~# apt update Err http://httpredir.debian.org jessie InRelease Err http://httpredir.debian.org jessie Release.gpg Could not resolve 'httpredir.debian.org' Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done All packages are up to date. W: Failed
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