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  1. lol, I've had that backpack for about 2 years now and have everything I need in my work life. So since its a work bag I just rip off the patch and nobody glances at it. It would be dumb to run around with a patch stating what is for the world to see.
  2. I made this video when I first got the Nano and never saw a video of an unboxing of the Tactical Elite. Well Darrin decided to make one so I never uploaded mine. Today I was bored so just quick edited it and decided to upload my (ghetto) unboxing!
  3. you dont even need an OTG cable. Regular USB type C works just fine
  4. Bumping a dead thread to see if anyone has had luck with this method.
  5. Thanks for the advice Sami! I went with the nano mostly just for portability. I think I will eventually grab a Tetra, but for now the nano will work with my intro to this field. I will keep an eye on the forums before I buy though, just to make sure the reviews on the new firmware are positive. Thanks again from the US!
  6. Where do you teach, if you don't mind me asking.
  7. Hey let's not downplay getting a printer online. Those things have a mind of their own. Mine requires a blood sacrifice at least once a month. I ended up getting a NANO Tactical Elite solely for portability. Once I feel comfortable and confident with the nano I'll buy a tetra as a stationary device or a semi-portable one at least.
  8. Thanks Mr-Protocol. I also looked into the link you suggested for another thread. I'll give his videos a watch over as well.
  9. Mr-protocol, could you address my question then? I want to make sure if I do choose the tetra that I will feel satisfied with my purchase. I notice the tetra forum is very inactive vs the nano.
  10. Got it, yea I've been doing a bit of reading since posting but you just solidified my concerns. They said there would be updates but I don't plan to wait around and find out if it's actually soon or much later. Thanks for the advice Hector!
  11. Also I should add, I would be buying the nano tactical elite or the tetra tactical.
  12. Good morning guys! I am looking into buying a tetra or NANO. I wanted to keep portability so I was leaning towards the NANO but the power and 5ghz band of the tetra has me a bit indecisive. How portable is the tetra? I was planning on just keeping it in my backpack for use, but I am not sure if it still comes with the battery option. Do the pros of a Tetra outweigh that of a NANO enough to fork over the extra $85.00? Thanks for any feedback, I am new to the scene and trying to learn as much as possible. Hak5 has helped greatly in that!
  13. My name is Chris Favourite game: Currently- The Division Favourite OS: Windows/Linux Favourite console: PC Nationality: US Accent: I hear Californians have an accent... So Cali Sex: Male Age: 25-30 Race: Hawaiian / Filipino Height: 5'8" Status: Married Build: Fit Favourite band: None, too many Favourite book: Inferno - Dan Brown Favourite author: David Baldacci Favourite movie: N/A Favourite director: N/A Favourite TV Show: GoT Favourite actor: Chris Farley Favourite actress: Natalie Portman Favourite Pinup: N/A Favourite Comedian: Tom Segura right now Other hobbies: Balisong, Repairing/modifying/go-fast my cars, going to the track Car: 2008 BMW 335i (turbos starting to rattle so thinking of going used GTR) Occupation: Executive Protection Looking to change my occupation to pentester. Going to school and learning on my own currently. Been doing Executive Protection for too long. Tired of wearing a gun on my hip and protecting some rich guy/celeb.
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