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  1. Hello, Since I have my pineapple I always have one or more out of 4 problems. Does anyone know how I can solve this. 1. There is a problem with the recon page. Or there are no results or the scan keeps being stuck at 100%. 2. The Pineapple doesn't recognize the SD card. 3. The pineapple PineAP settings are all on, but the pineapple is not broathcasting any of the ssids in the pool. 4. The pineapple kick's me from the management wifi and disconnects everybody. What could be the reason(s) for this problem(s). Sorry for my bad english.
  2. Hello everyone, Today I recieve my pineapple NANO and I am extremly happy. But there is something I can't get to work. How do i setup client mode on a wifi network that has a landing page that you need to accept? Is there a way to let the pineapple accept this page? Greeting, Crackananases
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