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  1. HI Sud0nick, Apologies for the delay. I am not 100% sure how to run that via SSH session, but that is why I was getting the error.
  2. I love the work you do. I have tried to add the code as you suggest but am receiving this error: File "/pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/portalclone.py", line 7 mv /pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss-old/tinycss/ /pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss ^ SyntaxError: invalid syntax I also went to the GitHub and updated the files manually without the above code and with the code and the error ranged from no tinycss found or the syntax error.
  3. I will send a dm.. but I just brought a ALFA USB WIFI AWUS036NEH
  4. I have also seen in windows 10 anytime you have a vpn connected it will show as unidentified network. I have this when using express vpn, however I am still getting internet. The issue with the tetra is that Windows 10 won't share internet with an unidentified network.. I don't know if this has to do with the firmware on the tetra, but as mentioned above for $20-30 you can get an Alpha antenna.. pleas admins if you can provide further guidance it would be appreciated.
  5. I haven't had any luck in getting this resolved yet. I am going to try sharing the internet from tetra connection to wifi connection to see if that works.. However I have brought an Alpha antenna and using the USB port on router to connect to wifi. Maybe attach the usb wifi dongle to the tetra.. it would be good to get instructions for Windows 10 though..
  6. I have come to the conclusion this is a windows 10 issue. I would like to be wrong but can someone from hack5 give instructions for Windows 10. A trick that may work(used it for vpn sharing) is to not share the internet connection with the wireless adapter/attached lan, rather click on the tetra when connected and share it's internet with the lan/wifi adapter?
  7. Hi Foxtrot, Thank you for your response. I have done what you have suggested (and tried that prior to asking this question) but as soon as I share my internet connection it places the device into an unknown network status. Have you guys tested the internet sharing function with windows 10? I am able to get the device working wonderfully whilst connected via Lan. However, functions such as Pine AP will not work properly when using wifi. I guess I will have to buy a separate wifi dongle which may help once plugged in, but it seems odd that it will not simply allow me to share my computers internet connection. I am sure I am not the only one who is having issues connecting via windows 10?
  8. Hi Nickphx, the reason why I want to connect via my laptop is 2 fold: 1) following the setup guide it shows to use a shared internet connection and this is what I am trying to achieve but currently not able you do so. 2) I tried to connect to my router via wifi but it says on the pineapple that connecting through wlan1 will interfere with AP(which it does). So my question by connecting with a Lan cable it will stop any issues with wifi and the AP. Sorry to sound like a newbie, but if I am out and about I will not have access to a Lan cable. This is why I'm trying to get the shared connection to work if that makes sense. Phillip
  9. A quick update, on the pineapple I was able to connect to the internet via client (chose my home wifi), however when connected to the laptop the above error is still present. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  10. Hi All, I am new to the Tetra, however after reading numerous posts and watching the videos, I cannot get internet access on my tetra when connected to my windows 10 laptop. I have attached screenshots of the set up as per other posts and the IP from the cmd prompt, but I still do not have access. I don't know if this is a windows 10 issue, but after following the instructions to set static ip, it made it an unidentified network. This is where I believe the issue is and once this is able to be resolved my issues will be fixed. My question is, if I connect a LAN cable into the port on the tetra, should it connect via the router or would additional settings be required as the tetra is on 172.x.x.x network whereas my router is giving out 192.x.x.x IPs? I am really stumped as to what to do and I feel its something small that I have missed. I am going to try another laptop tomorrow, however, any gurus out there who could shed some light on this would be greatly appreciated.
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