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  1. Would be better to help him. Just let him know what plugin and option to use to sniff pop3/imap ...
  2. Is it normal to have 30+ connected clients, run ettercap on br-lan with ARP poisoning and receive only those kind of logs: DHCP: [38:71:DE:85:AE:13] REQUEST DHCP: [] OFFER : GW DNS "lan" DHCP: [38:71:DE:85:AE:13] DISCOVER DHCP: [E4:98:D1:D0:90:1E] REQUEST DHCP: [38:71:DE:85:AE:13] DISCOVER DHCP: [] OFFER : GW DNS "lan" DHCP: [] ACK : GW DNS "lan" DHCP: [] OFFER : 1
  3. Does anyone expirience ettercap shutdown problem? When you start to sniff on br-lan with ARP the module stop working after a while, especially if there are more than 10 clinets connected. In status is says that ettercap is not running but button is still red and says "stop". Then if you click "stop" the module start working again... ?!
  4. Hi, You say that you don't need ARP posioning for sniffing but i did not found other module that can capture IMAP/POP3 password than ettercap and when run witn -M arp on br-lan. That's the only way i was able to reproduce sniffing imap on my own iphone. The interesting part is that my iphone is ste to use SSL for incoming settings on port 993 and im still abel to sniff the password!?
  5. I'm trying to connect TETRA to internet thru WifiClient Mode in Networking menu. First i tried to connect wlan1 - scan, enter password and connect, then i connected Alfa USB adapter and tried to connect wlan2 in the same way. I do not receive any error after I click connect - its just the pineapple animation is blinking and after that I again get the connect button and field to enter password. Im entering the correct password of course and the Wifi im trying to connect is a very close withing range.
  6. Hi Darren, Sorry for flooding this thread but I think would be better to share this now. Seems that the customers service actually is not very fast. I do not receive e-mails for days. I've ordered lots of equipment and still waiting for the tracking# to start moving 2nd day. Today I've send few emails and none was answered. There is no phone support either.
  7. I guess that one can be used as well in combination with wireshark and generated ssl cert or environment variables ?
  8. I see that they released ssltrip2 which bypass HSTS. https://github.com/LeonardoNve/sslstrip2 True/False?
  9. SSLStrip is still in the module list? https://www.wifipineapple.com/modules
  10. I guess you should check Wireshark and use your imagination... If those are SSL connections, then sslsplit comes handy.
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