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  1. Did you get a chance to look on this. Your feedback would be so helpful
  2. Thanks for your time and great writing. To obtain original MAC, I am following the below steps. Please let me know where my understandings or if any of the process cannot be fulfilled through pineapple Lets say my iphone is not connected to any AP. When pineapple is turned on, as my phone searches for the AP in preferred network list, does pineapple takes all the SSID's in my preferred network list(PNL) and save it to SSID pool list. If it is able to take all the SSID or atleast one one from my PNL then it will start working as mock AP with the same name AP name in PNL. Once pineapple starts working as mock AP with same name in my phone PNL then my phone will try to connect to that mock AP. Even if it does not connect as it sees the same AP in PNL then it will use its own MAC. (Showing original MAC is true in this case because I had tested the same scenario with Alpha network adapter by giving the same AP name in virtual wifi and checked the network through wireshark, I can see my original MAC). I am wondering why it is not happening through pineapple. Through Alpha network adapter I can make only one mock AP but through pineapple we can make it as many as we need.
  3. Yeah I am using iphone 6s, even I am not able to see my real MAC. But if we are allowing the associations then it should try to connect the mock SSID and then it should show up the real one. During my testing I found that whenever a phone tries to connect it will show up the real one but when it searches for the AP it uses the random one. I need to figure a way such that I can see real MAC when my phone is not associated to any AP. Also are you able to see all the mock SSID from the pool list of pineapple in your phone. Yesterday I was able see that but today I am not able see the mock SSID's in my phone. No idea of which settings I have to change. Could you please let me know if you have any clue on that
  4. Yes I can see my real MAC from my phone, but I am trying to retrive that through pineapple.
  5. Thanks for a detailed description. I am using iphone with latest version of OS. I am trying in different ways so that I can retrieve my real MAC when my phone is not connected to any AP. When everything is turned on in the PineAP module, I am not able to see the SSID's which are in my preferred network list when I run recon mode but I able to see few SSID(might be they are the near by Access points). So I manually entered the SSID which is in my preferred network list to the SSID pool. In this scenario, when my phone tries to connect the mock SSID, it should show up its real MAC then pineapple should showing the real MAC when I run in Recon mode. But still I am not able see my real MAC address. Please let me know why this scenario fails and any other possible ways to retrieve my phone real MAC address when it is not connected any AP.
  6. I had checked "Allow Associations" in PineAP mode Both Client Filtering and SSID Filtering are enabled. When I started a scan through Recon, I am not able to see my phone MAC address in the scan. (My phone is not connected to any SSID(wifi is on)) I am assuming it should show MAC address of my phone because when my phone tries to connect a already known SSID(Saved SSID list in my phone), then allow association should be able to spoof as the same and should capture the MAC address and show it in Unassociated clients,as my phone tries to connect it. Does Allow Association works in the same way. If it does not then is it possible to do it in any other way.
  7. Connected the device to my desktop with USB Y cable. Lights went from amber -> Blinking blue -> Solid Blue But this site cannot be reached. Also not able to see " Realtek USB FE Family Controller " under Network adaptor Please some one help on this driver installation
  8. Is there anyway to capture the real Mac address if the apple clients are not associated to Wifi Pineapple
  9. Is there any way to get the generated MAC addresses from the user Interface of pineAP to my own application.
  10. Does wifi pineapple captures random mac address or the real one of an Apple device. I need to capture real one. From tutorials I learned that, when a phone searches some "aaa" access point then wifi pineapple will act as the access point "aaa" for that particular device. So does it capture the real one? If it is so then does it acts as same for all the nearby devices.
  11. Whether wifi pineapple can sniff through the traffic and capture the MAC addresses of all the nearby devices without internet connection?
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