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  1. How about a module that can tell you which other modules are currently running? I have not dug deep on this one.. just a thought. For example, DNSMasq Spoof, wps and other modules have a button (start / stop), where you can start and stop that particular module. There is no other real indicator in the GUI showing that the module is running, so if you leave the module's page you have to just remember which ones are running. It would be cool if there was some sort of standardized api/hook that can tell if a module is currently running (maybe there is one already), and change the color
  2. Hi Jasper, The module does do what is was designed to do, however there are a couple of issues which would explain why you are seeing the SSL errors: The target system does not trust this tool's Certificate Authority - This tool basically acts as a proxy/Certificate Authority (CA) and replaces the SSL certificate received from the original web server with another one created by itself. If you do not install the tool's own CA certificate into the target machine, you will receive an SSL warning referencing an invalid Certificate Authority. The "victim" may or may not be able to click
  3. I installed the SSLsplit Pineapple module, however I am still getting an SSL warning on the "victim" laptop after installing the CA certificate on it (the one located at /pineapple/modules/SSLsplit/cert). The SSL error appears to be caused by a known issue with SSLsplit issuing SSL certificates with SHA1 hashing (instead of SHA256) according to the SSLstrip GitHub page. This was resolved in version 0.5.0, however the Pineapple NANO has version 0.4.11 installed. Has anyone been successfully been able to upgrade their version of SSLstrip on the Pineapple NANO or find some other work around
  4. I have a copy of every infusion module that was on the Hak5 website for version 2.8.1 of the Mark IV firmware (including all the missing ones on your list). Whistle Master's GIT Repository does not seem to be accepting uploads, so they are uploaded here until its added to GIT: http://securityninja.tech/pineapple/mark4/infusions/
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