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  1. Gotcha, so I could probably tether a phone to the USB host port on the owl and share it's network over wifi, but nothing (data-wise from openwrt) connects back over the USB pigtail?
  2. Does the Owl provide a network interface to the PC it's plugged into like the Pineapple nano or lan turtle do? Does it run OpenWRT? If yes to both, I will pick one up to do network tethering with EasyTether, as the pineapple is sort of overkill for just that task.
  3. I often use my Nano USB tethered to my Android phone (for internet connection sharing) using the EasyTether app. They provide a openwrt driver package, but it depends on kmod-tun which does not seem to be available from either the Hak5 or openwrt package repos for firmware v2.6.0 I had to roll back to v2.5.4 because I will need that tethering ability this week. That Openwrt version's package repos has a copy of kmod-tun and thus the EasyTether package installs without any issues. Thoughts on how to fix this? I'd really like to upgrade back to 2.6.0 and try out all the new features.
  4. Hmm, also, the timezone setting in Configuration only seems to set the "Custom Time Zone" in /etc/config/system, where it should also put the custom string in /etc/TZ
  5. What are the change notes for version 2.4.1? Just updated today, and curious what changed. I didn't see a new [RELEASE] post. Also a couple of small issues: 1) I can't seem to get "live mode" working in recon scanning. The scanning GIF shows up, but the results never actually show anything until the scan is finished, then I click "Load" from the Scan results. 2) Are recon scans expected to continue running in the background if the client disconnects or refreshes the page? I ask, because I tried refreshing during a long scan and it seemed to indicated after reload that no scan was running. I then kept getting a red "Unknown Error" or "HTTP Error" box in the Scan Results and Scan settings progress bar if I tried to kick off another scan. Seems to happen about half the time. Requires a reboot of the Nano to clear it.
  6. I'm having the exact same issue with a few other modules. All recently installed kmods have landed in this older "3.18.20" directory, and those modules won't load root@PineappleVI:/lib/modules# pwd /lib/modules root@PineappleVI:/lib/modules# ls 3.18.20 3.18.36 root@PineappleVI:/lib/modules# ls 3.18.20 i2c-dev.ko input-core.ko uvcvideo.ko v4l2-common.ko videobuf2-core.ko videobuf2-memops.ko videobuf2-vmalloc.ko videodev.ko root@PineappleVI:/lib/modules# ls 3.18.36 aead.ko eeprom_93cx6.ko mii.ko ohci-hcd.ko scsi_mod.ko usb-storage.ko xt_hl.ko arc4.ko ehci-hcd.ko nf_conntrack.ko ohci-platform.ko sd_mod.ko usb_wwan.ko xt_id.ko asix.ko ehci-platform.ko nf_conntrack_ftp.ko option.ko sg.ko usbcore.ko xt_length.ko ath.ko ext4.ko nf_conntrack_ipv4.ko pl2303.ko sierra_net.ko usbnet.ko xt_limit.ko ath9k.ko fat.ko nf_conntrack_rtcache.ko ppp_async.ko slhc.ko usbserial.ko xt_mac.ko ath9k_common.ko gpio-button-hotplug.ko nf_defrag_ipv4.ko ppp_generic.ko sunrpc.ko vfat.ko xt_mark.ko ath9k_htc.ko grace.ko nf_log_common.ko pppoe.ko tun.ko x_tables.ko xt_multiport.ko ath9k_hw.ko ip_tables.ko nf_log_ipv4.ko pppox.ko uhci-hcd.ko xt_CLASSIFY.ko xt_nat.ko ax88179_178a.ko ipt_ECN.ko nf_nat.ko qmi_wwan.ko ums-alauda.ko xt_CT.ko xt_state.ko cdc-acm.ko ipt_MASQUERADE.ko nf_nat_ftp.ko rndis_host.ko ums-cypress.ko xt_DSCP.ko xt_statistic.ko cdc-wdm.ko ipt_REJECT.ko nf_nat_ipv4.ko rt2800lib.ko ums-datafab.ko xt_HL.ko xt_tcpmss.ko cdc_ether.ko iptable_filter.ko nf_nat_masquerade_ipv4.ko rt2800usb.ko ums-freecom.ko xt_LOG.ko xt_tcpudp.ko cfg80211.ko iptable_mangle.ko nf_reject_ipv4.ko rt2x00lib.ko ums-isd200.ko xt_NETMAP.ko xt_time.ko compat.ko iptable_nat.ko nfs.ko rt2x00usb.ko ums-jumpshot.ko xt_REDIRECT.ko crc-ccitt.ko iptable_raw.ko nfsv3.ko rtl8187.ko ums-karma.ko xt_TCPMSS.ko crc-itu-t.ko jbd2.ko nls_base.ko rtl8192c-common.ko ums-sddr09.ko xt_comment.ko crc16.ko lockd.ko nls_cp437.ko rtl8192cu.ko ums-sddr55.ko xt_conntrack.ko crypto_blkcipher.ko mac80211.ko nls_iso8859-1.ko rtl_usb.ko ums-usbat.ko xt_dscp.ko crypto_hash.ko mbcache.ko nls_utf8.ko rtlwifi.ko usb-common.ko xt_ecn.ko root@PineappleVI:/lib/modules# modprobe input-core modprobe: can't change directory to '': No such file or directory I assume this is because those modules are for an older kernel: # uname -r 3.18.36 It looks like http://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05.1/ar71xx/generic/packages/ has slightly newer package versions (at 3.18.23) than the 15.05 repo that the nano defaults to, and the current development snapshot is way newer, at 4.4.14 http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/ar71xx/generic/packages/, but I don't see anything in between the two on official openwrt repos. Seb, do you know of any repo versions from the 3.18.36 snapshot? Or are we on our own to compile for this custom kernel version?
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