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  1. Hello, I just got my WiFi Pineapple NANO yesterday, and i'm trying to make it work. I checked all of Darrens videos, so i get the basics. Thing is; PineAP does collect the SSID's and puts them in a pool, but not send them out. For example, my laptop is looking for SSID: "Home" The Pineapple sees that and puts "Home" into it's pool. But when I check my laptop, i do not see a second "Home" access point. I have every setting checked on the NANO's PineAP module. Using a Samsung device with the Chrome browser. Does anyone know what the issue could be? Thank you for your time, and pardon my grammar.
  2. 3 business days. Can't wait! :)
  3. That's not a problem at al. Ordering now. Thank you for replying.
  4. Hello I would like to buy a Pineapple Nano. Does anyone know if there were any problems shipping to the Netherlands? What are the options for me when it gets stuck in Customs. Thank you for your time.
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