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  1. Thanks Purrball. I think youre advice took care of it, but I'm definitely up and running now. I also installed the drivers for the USB over Ethernet again. Haven't had an issue at all since. And I agree - it's been taking a refresh to stick. Thanks again \m/
  2. I'm having a similar issue as the OP. I'm trying to connect to Ethernet over USB via the micro port, and powering the Tetra with the included Y-Cable.I can't seem to get network connectivity, and I think it may be because Win 10 is changing my default network configuration when I enable sharing for the Tetra. LED's are good to go, so I don't believe there's a power issue.I was able to get the NANO up and running without an issue through ICS, but I didn't get the popup that Windows is changing my network config... When I leave things as Windows configures them, I lose access to the Tetra through the web UI. When I change everything back to the recommended settings, I can access the web UI, but I still have no outside connection. I tried updating the default route using both eth0 and eth1 (I'm not sure which one the micro USB Ethernet is), and still no joy. I'm able to get it going with a LAN connection, but I'd like to be able to handle this task with just a USB cable if possible. Screenshots are below. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Bored369, Do you know if this will fit in the Tactical Case for the Nano? Also, is it compatible with the 180 USB adapter? Thanks
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