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  1. Ok so basically its a password hacking program that just tries about every single word and letter and number sequence for you until it cracks it, is that right?
  2. In leihmans terms id really like to know exactly WHAT rainbow tables is and what it is used for, and maybe after i learn these things I would probably ask how to use it. Thanks for any info and answers reguarding this question it is much appreciated. -Trauma
  3. Hello everyone, My name is Chuck A.K.A. "Trauma" Im new to the forums and Hak.5 as i just found it last week on iTunes and i think its a great podcast. Below is a little about myself. My name is Craig a.k.a Digital Favourite game: CounterStrike: Source, Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne DOTA Favourite OS: Windows / Linux Favourite console: Wii / PS2 Nationality: Italian/ American Accent: Bostonian Sex: Male Age: 23 Height: 6â€3’ Favorite movie: Fight Club Favorite TV Show: Mad Money Favorite Comedian: Lewis Black, Mitch Hedberg Other hobbies: Airsoft, Paintball, Magic Occupation: Colle
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