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  1. On 9/7/2016 at 7:59 AM, cryptojunk said:

    Did this actually work? Have tried both wlan0 and wlan1, keep getting Could not configure driver mode.

    Works well for me, and my colleagues Tetra also.

    Are you running the latest build? If so, try doing it straight after a reboot to ensure another process isnt using wlan1. I had your error on Wlan0, but Wlan1 is fine.

    Let me know how you go...

  2. One of the biggest gaps I have found with the pineapple is the inability to perform hostapd-wpe type attacks.

    Thankfully, there is a OperWRT package for hostapd-wpe that seems to work very well...

    I just wanted to share in case anybody else needed the Pineapple to do this also....

    ssh to your pineapple... 


    cd /tmp

    wget https://github.com/TarlogicSecurity/hostapd-wpe-openwrt/raw/master/packages/ar71xx/generic/hostapd-wpe_2014-06-03.1-1_ar71xx.ipk

    opkg install ./hostapd-wpe_2014-06-03.1-1_ar71xx.ipk


    The configuration files are in /usr/local/etc/hostapd-wpe

    I changed the wifi to wlan1 and executed with hostapd-wpe ./yourconfig.conf

    Unfortunately I havent had the time to create a gui for it... 

    I would love to see this integrated into PineAP functionality at some point... but until then, I hope somebody has the time and passion to wrap a GUI around it!! 


    Hope this helps somebody out.

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  3. Not sure if this will help... but I have created a little wrapper that uses aireplay to fake association when "do not associate with AP" is selected in advanced options.

    simply create a new file called "reaver" in /usr/bin/pineapple and set its executable permission by "chmod +x /usr/bin/pineapple/reaver

    Then cut and paste the following into the new file. Thankfully reaver is not executed by the wps module with a specific path, so it will pick up our script first:


    while getopts "Ai:b:e:c:" opt; do
      case $opt in
        A) NOASSOC=true;;
        c) CHAN=$OPTARG;;
        i) IF=$OPTARG;;
        b) BSSID=$OPTARG;;
        e) ESSID=$OPTARG;;

    if [ $NOASSOC = true ] ; then
            iwconfig $IF channel $CHAN
            aireplay-ng -1 0 -e $ESSID -a $BSSID $IF
    /usr/bin/reaver "$@"

  4. thanks WM this looks great! just tried it out, not sure if im choosing the wrong settings, but reaver always reports 'could not associate with AP' indefinitely, and stays at 0% forever. I know settings make a difference if WPS locking or whatever kicks in, but is there a "better" approach to using this through the module. More for anyone else who has tried, I know you're a busy bee.

    When using reaver manually, I have had a lot of success using aireplay-ng first to fake the association, then use reaver to launch the attack.

    Also just came across this link recently: http://techsolutionsite.blogspot.com.au/2016/03/solution-for-warning-failed-to.htmlnot sure if that helps.

  5. OK... I just upgraded mine with four 9db antennas, and I am getting significantly worse results than with my stock antennas... txpower is at 30.... is there something I need to do, or should I only upgrade two of them? Perhaps I bought some dud ones :(

  6. Hi all,

    Hoping somebody could help me... I was hoping to use my Tetra to have one radio running PineAP and the other radio connected to the network via WIFI Client Mode.

    Unfortunately the only option I have under client mode is WLAN1 which is says will impact PineAP. I have confirmed that WLAN0 exists and that I can use it for monitor mode etc.

    Any ideas? Is what I am wanting to do possible? (I would of thought that was a standard use case).


  7. I just thought i'd share my experiences with battery packs.

    Interesting issue where I am using two 50000mah 2.1A from one Y cable into UART boots the Pineapple OK, but then when trying to scan it reboots the Pineapple.


    When I do the same thing into ETH the device happily work perfectly, uptime so far of over 2hrs while using Site Survey , capturing and deauth with no issues.

    Is this expected behaviour of UART vs ETH?

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