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  1. Tetra network/Internet access without using br-lan interface? New user question. After some initial stumbling around (posted response here) https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/37993-pineapple-tetra-setup-problem/ I finally figured out that I was going to have to use the USB cables for the initial setup/upgrades/etc. I did that, and everything worked fine. I successfully upgraded the firmware to 1.0.2, and went to the "dashboard" page and loaded bulletins from wifipineapple.com, etc. Now that I have the initial setup complete, I'm generally just attempting to poke around, both via the web interface and ssh'ing into my Pineapple to get a feel for things, what is there, etc. In general, I'm not using it as a security tool yet, even against myself. And to get to the meat of my question, now that the initial setup and firmware upgrade is complete, I'm wondering if I can use my Pineapple WITHOUT plugging into the br-lan USB-eth interface? Currently, I have set up a separate vlan on my local switch and plugged my Tetra in there via the hardwire eth0 interface. and that interface mostly works fine. I can ssh in. I can log in via the web interface and play around with that. That said, I have been unsuccessful in getting DNS resolution to work out the eth0 interface. Specifically, I'm just attempting to load bulletings from the dashboard page and "check for firmware updates" on the Advanced page. Currently, I do not have IP addresses on anything other than eth0, aside from the that is assigned by default to br-lan but is NOT connected. OTOH, If I am attempting to do something that the Tetra isn't intended to do, and I should only be using the wireless interfaces and the br-lan interface, what is the purpose of the eth0 network interface?
  2. I'm currently experiencing the same. Wondering if you were able to move past your issue?
  3. The ARM device sounds pretty interesting. Can you comment further on its capabilities, or is it still too far out?
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