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  1. When you run CloudC2 in SSL mode, it requires port 80 and 443. Going by your screenshot, something has already taken up port 80 on your VPS. You can check what's running on port 80 using: netstat -tulpn | grep :80 If your VPS complains about netstat not being installed, you may need to install net-tools aswell.
  2. I have done a reverse shell with meterpreter with a duck (All on my own machines I can assure you ). The only real requirement is knowing how to use metasploit's multi handler module. You can find many guides to setting up one. But by far the easiest way to setup a reverse shell with duck is with this https://github.com/b00stfr3ak/Powershell-Reverse-Rubber-Ducky As long as you have ruby on your system (Which you should have anyways if you have metasploit installed) the program should run. All it needs is the ip that metasploit is on and what port to look for and turns it into a text file th
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