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  1. tl;dr: Can I change the recon status bar allowing me to change focus to different tabs or windows and continue the scan? I enjoy the recon module but it’s my nemesis when it comes to mobile multi-tasking. This thing is great when you’ve got minor chores to do and want a deep scan. Scan for 10 minutes and then off to do the dishes. When the status bar pauses when I change tabs, does the scan stop also? or is it cosmetics only? How can I alter it? I’ve wanted to ask about it for years. It’s perplexing and beautiful, teasing yet forceful. I find myself stuck in my head for the duration of the scan. I’m negatively affected for the first half; ‘God damnit! stuck here for 5 minutes, mocked by a status bar’. Time makes fools of us all though. ~3 minutes into it and I’m practically giddy with excitement.
  2. Spoonish

    Modules Requests Discussion

    A module that let’s you back up your pineapple and/or upload saved backups. As well a module that allows you issue custom commands would be nice. It’d make issueing CLI commands when mobile easier. Someone started working one but it never came to fruition. Look back a page or two here and you’ll see it.
  3. The issue to has to lie somewhere between the nano and your chair. What else have you tried? Could it be that since half of the cord isn’t plug in as a usb? If you plug both ends into your computer at the same time, does it register differently? I believe that one male end is thinner than the other. If so, could that mean that the thinner one is missing it’s data wires leaving only the ability to charge? Have you tried swapping which male end goes where Have you tried connecting the nano via a single usb extender cable? Keep us updated, Goos luck
  4. Spoonish

    Connection to Starbucks?

    connect a connectable device (i.e. phone, laptop) to get a (your) mac address approved and then change the pineapple’s wlan2 mac address to whichever mac was just approved.
  5. Spoonish

    List of free WiFi's

    attwifi and FREEWIFI are the only open networks I’ll connect to. Sometimes my bank webpage shows a cert error but that’s usually hobblety-gook.
  6. I for some reason did not get the text message. I was traveling that day but I assume that if it was sent while my phone was in airplane mode, it would been pushed through when my radios were turned off. While I do have Amber Alerts turned off, I do have government warning turned on. If I had been more thoughful, I should have looked into my DNS log to see if Adblock blocked it.
  7. Spoonish

    PineAP General Usage

    I like this person. Thorough with their issues and thorough with their follow ups.
  8. Spoonish

    Pineapple Nano teardown warnings? (picture)

    look up videos of people that ‘weatherize’ their drones. It can give you an idea of how and what to coat and cover.
  9. Spoonish

    Improving Evil Portal

    Couldn’t you set some of that (conditional stuff) up in the iptables?
  10. Spoonish

    Nano Configuration Backup

    Something that allowed for backups and loading backups as a GUI/infusion would be fantastic.
  11. Spoonish

    Which interface to use?

    some modules require the interface to have an IP. e.g. DNSSpoof. If you’re wlan2 isnmt connected to anything, then brlan is your best option. I’ve come to understand is as this: brlan: EVERYTHING that runs through the pineapple. Admin wifi, client, loopback, ect.. wlan0-1: Admin wifi wlan0: client wifi wlan1: pineAP, the sniffer master wireless that’s out romaing the ether. wlan2: the usb port in the back. If you split this via usb hub you get wlan2-1; wlan2-2, ect.. loo: loopback, still kind of an enigma for me... It’s ‘meh’ when I think of what to sniff eth: I think it’s everything that’s not loopback or brlan /grain of salt
  12. Spoonish

    cpu 100% dashboard

    I notice that if you refresh the cpu usage in the status module it reports the usage correctly.
  13. Spoonish

    SSL Certificate

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Universal Virtual Library/smut shop