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  1. Spoonish

    SSL Certificate

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Universal Virtual Library/smut shop
  2. Spoonish

    So I pissed off the feds ...

    Dismantle everything with circuitry; wrap in foil; put in giant box wrapped in foil, as far away from you as possible; keep an eye under your car; buy new phones with cash, no name attached; Never use a USB stick on two different systems or after 7 days; SD cards with physical locking levers are your friend; so are friends with CD burners; walmart and office-depot computers/laptops with cash; before setup, remove BLE/WIFI chips; startup them up away from home (library, mall, panera bread); return within two weeks for refund; make sure to change out vehicle headunit; anything with UsB ports; move if possible; cancel internet if possible; all those parts in foil, liquidate it all; start a new hobby like photography; wait 2-6 months; rebuild your life with a smarter perspective. ..This too shall pass..
  3. my guess would be to compartmentalize personal information for diversified cash flows.
  4. a duck is programable usb HID with onboard storage that looks like a USB Drive. There are swathes of things that can be programmed to do with the ducky does. The advantages and disadvantages of everything surrounding your job will be unique to each customer.
  5. Spoonish

    Tetra battery recommendation

    I use the anker 2800mah battery with the tetra velcro strapped to it. hasnmt failed me yet.
  6. Spoonish

    New WPA/WPA Attack - Hashcat PMKID

    If you’re an auditory learner, the latest podcast Security Now with Steve Gibson is about this.
  7. Spoonish

    [Official] DNSspoof

    I think you should have it: wwww.baidu.com just put the desired ip after the recond you want spoofed.
  8. Spoonish

    [Official] p0f

    Is there a place to plug the results into to better unstand the often immense signature?
  9. I think you should put it all on black and roll the cards!
  10. Spoonish

    WiFi signal

    do you have a favorite android app for this? I’m an iphone user but I recently picked up a nexus5 for the minor but convenient options such as this.
  11. if you get a 90 degree adapter you can leave the nano to hug the wall and remove stress on the male usb and lower the likelyhood of something knocking into it.
  12. Awesome, I’ll check out Yumi. I’ll probably grab rufus as well just to complicate things.
  13. Last time I had a windows machine, I was rocking windows 8.1. If course I’ve used them intermittently and turned off telemtry as they’ll allow; only connects to a subnetted travel router which is VPNed and is dns adblocking; fully updated and segregating a few unprivileged users according to use. I ran accross Tronscript which seems to be a series of batch files to automate tedious bloatware removal and the like. It seems promising. I also enabled the Linux subsystem, which leads me to a bigger question. Any heavy suggestions towards enabling or disabling of some system features? Also do I need to enable Hypervisor to use virtual machines? I’ve heard malwarebytes is a good addition to windows defender. In the next day or two I’d like to create a few linux distro startup USB sticks, which program is often preferred for that? I’ll add anything else I can think of when it comes.
  14. I found this on the Openwrt package Adblock by dibot maybe it will help?
  15. Does any one use a script to back up your pineapples? I don’t know enough CLI to widdle it down. I would love to create/have a module that allows for easy back up and restoration of downloaded modules and their settings. I’ve found myself happy with the set up and then I go in and jack things up trying something new. Starting everything over can be arduous.