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  1. Beacons on all channels simultaneously

    I believe nics are only able to opperate on one channel at a time, so 14 channels would require 14 nics. /talking out my ass, so.. grain of salt. I’ve had 4 plugged into the port, and I assume as long as they’re enough amps, you’d be good to go.
  2. Disable Autplay globally for a device?

    From what I unserstand, putting a small non text file (.gif ect.) and then rename the file autorun.inf in the root of the drive, the computer won’t be able read the file, stopping the autorun from completing. I used to use USBVaccine by Panda Security . It ‘vaccinates’ usbs to stop them from autorunning. I believe their Implementation process is similar.
  3. Finally Finished My Server/VPN Build

    30 days to funnel all my data through their servers, free of charge? Sign me up!!1 /trollerings
  4. Yup on the first, second, no power where I live but a few miles away there's power and service. No water damage thanks to everything being in varying sizes of ziplock/trashbags saturated in desiccants.
  5. Found this on hackernews and thought some were interesting, especially #26. Could this possible fix the nano's SD card issue? I can mt tey it at the moment (dumb 'ol Irma) but someone should try it out. Good luck https://www.lopezferrando.com/30-interesting-shell-commands/
  6. Bluetooth Pineapple

    Is the word Pineapple in this context an actual term used in BT trchnology stack or is Pineapple becomming synonymous with rogue AP and MiTM attacks?
  7. Not to threadjack but Is it possible to have a portable EMP device that was Protected from its own EMP pulse? eg. A shielded box/bag with an antenna poking up and out through the shielding. /unsure of anything EMP except bad news bears for the tinkerers
  8. https://gitartist.herokuapp.com/ I got the sultry Sansa. I'll take it.
  9. Be safe out there

    For any one having to deal with a chaotic natural event; people first, everything else second. Have a plan; Stick to the plan; Always deliver! Everything is temporary except this moment. Keep your wits about you and be safe my fellow entities.
  10. After the board's gui minor revamp herr and there, I see you can either like or upvote someone's post. what's the difference/purpose other than someone seeing that you appriciate their content?
  11. VPN

    I ran across this site a few days ago, seems legit (not financially prompted to promote certain vpns) in it's reviews/information I didn't scrub the site down so I could be wrong.
  12. Not sure if useful. Is it? Found this on hackernews. I don't know enough but it sounds useful: http://hookify-cooking-programming.a3c1.starter-us-west-1.openshiftapps.com/
  13. Can we have a 'Tutorials' section of the forums?

    Wouldn't this be a situation where as a sticky thread of tutorial chaos would be advantageous? Something that would rate and berate, all but moderate it's self. Letting you do you boo boo..
  14. Can we have a 'Tutorials' section of the forums?

    What about a sticky thread that in the Everything Else subforum? That way people people could post their own and link to other relevant tutorials found elsewhere? It would be at the top of the busiest subforum and people could then search that thread alone for whatever it is they're looking. Similar to the thread I created last year as a resource for myself and others to revisit, sort of a bookmark thread if you will.