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  1. Nano in hotels

    a micro 2.4ghz adapter only ads about a 1/4 of an inch to the length for about $10
  2. Anonymous reverse shell

    i don’t even know what a reverse shell works but I assume you would bounce your connection off of different systems obfuscating your true IP…?
  3. Change webinterface port

    awesome. thanks for looking into that
  4. Change webinterface port

    there was a few comments about doing that. I can’t remember who figured it out but it requires changing some settings in nginx I believe.
  5. Not one of the hak5 products is working properly

    really? the fact you don’t own any of the products, yet contribute and help out people with what you can blows my mind. that may not be saying much but god damn..
  6. I use my Tetra Tactical for it’s primary purpose; testing whether an electrical outlet is live or not. Works all the time. Everytime. Like a boss!
  7. As the subject states, which version of python comes installed by default on the Nano and the Tetra?
  8. Hak5 stickers + antenna = awesome

    Interesting, What was the brand:model?
  9. Hakshop many items sold out

    Congrats!!! …on rendering your rearview mirror practically useless.
  10. Hak5 stickers + antenna = awesome

    What size is that? It doesn’t help that it’s on a comically small ‘puter.
  11. VLAN questions

    I was planning on using a modded neatgear with tomatoUSB/VPN (i don’t have to use the vpn, just part of the firmware build). I’ve also got an extra ddwrt wrt1900ac (have to unbrick the softbrick) but ddwrt’s vlan’s are like an iPhone headphone, easily tangled if touched wrong. The rest of my network runs through ddwrt routers. So if I need to figure one out I surmise I can figure the rest out.
  12. Computer lab penetration

    ..oh, that’s different. Here’s what you need to do..
  13. VLAN questions

    For a vlan to work properly, does the end router need to be vlaned as well? What happens if your end router can’t vlan? Or if you’ve got a switch somewhere that is just a dumb switch? Does that muck it all up? I’ve want to vlan (can vlan be a verb?) my roku and chromecast but I like my subneted, daisychained, convoluted setup.