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  1. I think you should have it: wwww.baidu.com just put the desired ip after the recond you want spoofed.
  2. Spoonish

    [Official] p0f

    Is there a place to plug the results into to better unstand the often immense signature?
  3. I think you should put it all on black and roll the cards!
  4. Spoonish

    WiFi signal

    do you have a favorite android app for this? I’m an iphone user but I recently picked up a nexus5 for the minor but convenient options such as this.
  5. if you get a 90 degree adapter you can leave the nano to hug the wall and remove stress on the male usb and lower the likelyhood of something knocking into it.
  6. Awesome, I’ll check out Yumi. I’ll probably grab rufus as well just to complicate things.
  7. Last time I had a windows machine, I was rocking windows 8.1. If course I’ve used them intermittently and turned off telemtry as they’ll allow; only connects to a subnetted travel router which is VPNed and is dns adblocking; fully updated and segregating a few unprivileged users according to use. I ran accross Tronscript which seems to be a series of batch files to automate tedious bloatware removal and the like. It seems promising. I also enabled the Linux subsystem, which leads me to a bigger question. Any heavy suggestions towards enabling or disabling of some system features? Also do I need to enable Hypervisor to use virtual machines? I’ve heard malwarebytes is a good addition to windows defender. In the next day or two I’d like to create a few linux distro startup USB sticks, which program is often preferred for that? I’ll add anything else I can think of when it comes.
  8. I found this on the Openwrt package Adblock by dibot maybe it will help?
  9. Does any one use a script to back up your pineapples? I don’t know enough CLI to widdle it down. I would love to create/have a module that allows for easy back up and restoration of downloaded modules and their settings. I’ve found myself happy with the set up and then I go in and jack things up trying something new. Starting everything over can be arduous.
  10. thanks for all the replies. I’m going to douse a gl-inet travel router in some corrosion X and let it pump out lone ssids for a few weeks and see what happens. I’ll probably go with barry99705‘s suggestion and go all nude with it. the 1900’s case is easy to remove so I’ll keep an eye on corrosion buildup
  11. I may have a large 3’ decorative cube cabinet thing I could out it in. but it’s not even close to airtight. I’ll do my best to minimize it’s over exposure but treating the circutboards and whatnot as an additional step.
  12. I’ve got an extra WRT1900 that I want to use as a main AP. The layout of the house is dookie for wifi. Ultimately the preferred placement for us is outside, centrally placed under a well covered breezeway. I live in a very florida-esque environment and I’ve seen corrosion slowly seep into outdoor electronics. I want to mitigate this if possible. I’ve seen posts/videos of people using spray like Corrosion-X and Corrosion Block on the electronics of their drones. I love Corrosion-X but I’ve yet to open an old router and and doused the innards to see what happens. Does any one have any knowledge or experiences with treating electronics for outdoor use they’d be willing to share?
  13. Yup, I believe it was a response to good portable computers for wardriving. it was white and probably not seen on reddit. The poster mention it had ulta low light capabilities like use with night vision goggles. Any one remember seeing this that might be able to help me find out more information on the make/model?
  14. Spoonish

    About drone control

    I don’t want to thread jack but I’m throwing this stuff in here because it seems to be a bustling thread with knowledgable people.. In the back of my mind, I’ve always wanted to get into short band radio stuff. Shit hits the fan kind of mentality. One of the networking apps I use is by a guy named Marcus Roskosch and he makes a bunch of really in depth Ham radio and electronic diagnostic/information type apps. Where’s a good place to start? Not spam but check out some of his stuff. maybe some one might find it useful: http://roskosch.de/marcus-roskosch/ HAM Radio Technician Exam preparation by Marcus Roskosch HAM Radio Technician Exam preparation by Marcus Roskosch HAM Radio Extra Exam preparation - FCC - ARRL by Marcus Roskosch HAM Radio General Exam preparation - FCC - ARRL by Marcus Roskosch RF-Toolbox Pro by Marcus Roskosch Electronic Toolbox Pro by Marcus Roskosch Home - Electronic Toolbox
  15. Spoonish

    About drone control

    awesome that makes sense. thanks for the clarification.